2010 Plans for The Sarah Kailath Women’s Leadership Award

2010 Plans for The Sarah Kailath Women’s Leadership Award

Program description

The award was initiated in 2008 as an extension of ICA’s mission to invest in the development of communities in India focusing exclusively on helping build a cadre of future women leaders from Indian NGOs and assist professionals and volunteers in fields related to issues supported by ICA, including human rights, women’s rights, health, rural empowerment, poverty alleviation, livelihood, environment, social justice and others.
The selected candidates would be offered scholarships to attend short-term formalized leadership-training sessions offered by institutions in the San Francisco Bay area.

The goals of this initiative are to –
• Identify women activists in India with potential leadership capabilities who could benefit from this training, get a broader perspective and have a greater impact on their communities;
• Support and strengthen capacity building and leadership development in Non-Governmental organizations (NGO);
• Supplement conventional knowledge about critical issues and techniques with management skills and leadership practices;
• Invest in future leadership and help expand the capacity and network of emerging leaders;
• Develop a network of leaders to act as a liaison for ICA to scout out new and innovative projects and evaluate projects those already supported.

Criteria for Selection
The program seeks accomplished, motivated individuals who are eager to prepare themselves for greater leadership responsibilities within their communities and focus areas. Fellows are selected through a competitive application process with applicants from all over India, with backgrounds ranging from sustainable development, and public health and others. A panel comprised of ICA committee member, community leaders in US and India will select the participants after reviewing all applications.
Participants will be selected based upon their leadership role and commitment to development issues. Specifically:
1. Has a vision for her organization, and/or the community, requiring a new level of leadership.
2. Has demonstrated leadership abilities within an organization, network, or support system.
3. Is part of a project with significant impact on the organization and/or the community,
4. Is aware of concrete and achievable outcomes in a specific project for her organization and/or community.
5. Has developed a clear and compelling case for support.
6. Is fluent in English.

Application process

Accepting applications from grassroots and community organizing initiatives for
2010 in the area of social justice.
Cost and Venue: The 2010 Fellowship Session will be held in the summers of 2010.
The venue will be announced later. Fellowship includes travel, lodging and meals.

2010 Committee Members
Chair Lata Patil, co-Chair Shobha Hiatt, Anasuya Sengupta, Dr.Tom Kailath,
Shyam Rungta

Process: Online evaluation of applications by committee members, joint decision on selection of candidate(s)

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