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Adruta Children Home (A unit of RAWA Academy) is an innovative pioneering venture which aims to provide holistic growth for abandoned, marginalized and parent-less children so that they grow to join social mainstream as prized assets. Children are rescued and delivered to Adruta Children Home as young newborns or infants. They are nurtured in a congenial environment wherein they get requisite nutritional food, the best of the available opportunities for education, and training in yogic exercises and meditation. Besides academic pursuits children have constructive diversion during their leisure hours by getting trained in Fine Art, Music, Dance, Sports and Soft skills. In later years, they have the choice to opt for vocational training which would enable them to move on the road to self-reliance. Quality healthcare facilities are made available for the children and functionaries through partnerships with hospitals and service organisation like the Rotary Club and Lions Club. People in the community are encouraged to solemnize the birthday of children in an atmosphere of fun and festivity so that children have the feeling of being part of a larger family. Presently, there are 450 children under its care and nurture in ten different chapters across the state of Odisha, India.

Besides excellence in academic pursuits children are looked upon as exemplars of values in their Alma-matter by their school mates and teachers.  Artists of Adruta dance troupe have earned rare laurels by their performance of Odissi dance and Folk dance of Odisha at New York, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco (USA), in Singapore, across Malaysia and Indonesia.  Children have earned accolades for their excellence in Vocal music and Fine art and Chess.

The organisation is duly registered and children homes are duly recognized by the Government of Odisha. On account of its outreach activities the Govt. of India has extended the provisions of Tax exemption under 80G, 12A and 10(23) (a) (c)  of Income Tax Act, Govt of India for donations within India. The Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, have extended the facilities of overseas donations under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). The organisation received Excellency Award-2006 in the field of Social action, Think Odisha Leadership Award by Times Group and TEFLON in Social entrepreneurship in 2015. Adruta was identified as Change agent by ‘Yes-We- Can’ in 2017.

Since every child is born with innate potential and unique disposition to grow given a supportive environment, every child can grow into completeness. Your support would mean enable bringing more children under the protective umbrella of Adruta.  Adruta hopes to qualify as world class institution in the field of child care, serve as a nodal entity to share its experience with sister organisations with shared objectives, and achieve sustainable, qualitative growth.  With your help, Adruta can equip the children for the best possible opportunities and create a corpus fund to meet unforeseen exigencies and growing expenses on their upkeep, education and extracurricular pursuits.

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