Akshara Foundation



Akshara Foundation was conceived in 2000 as a tripartite partnership between the state government, the corporate sector and the voluntary sector with the mission: “Every child in school and learning well”. Akshara, over the years has conceived and implemented multiple programs designed to address the gaps in children’s learning in the public schooling system. The focus has been to make the solutions sustainable, scalable, replicable and cost-effective. We design the teaching learning material, the training modules, and the assessment metrics and provide support in terms of monitoring and technology. This makes the programs sustainable and builds capacity within the school system for improvement.  Over the past fourteen years, Akshara has impacted over 900,000 children.

Currently, Akshara runs the following programs in Government-run preschools and primary schools:

  • A preschool education programs called Prepare Not Repair 
  • A Reading skills program called OduveNanu
  • Swalpa English, Thumba Fun – an introductory English program
  • AksharaGanitha – a Math support program
  •  Classroom Libraries.

In early 2014,the GanithaKalikaAndolana, which translates to A Math Learning Movement was proposed by Akshara to the state government and accepted by them. This initiative ensures that every school has an AksharaGanitha Teaching / Learning Kit and at least one trained teacher. Over the next three years, the aim is to have the state government support the scaling of this program to cover all the 46,000 government primary schools in Karnataka. In the current academic year, 2014-15, the program will benefit over 300,000 children studying in grades 4 and 5, in 7800 schools of the six districts of Hyderabad-Karnataka region, namely Gulbarga, Raichur, Bidar, Koppal, Bellary and Yadgir. Over 8200 teachers will be trained to deliver the program. While the state government will fund 80% of the programme, Akshara will have to raise the rest of 20%. For the first year, the program cost is USD 1.4 million and Akshara needs to raise around USD 320,000.



Help us in our endeavor to improve the numeracy skills of children!

For more info, visit our website: http://www.akshara.org.in/