New Programs in 2012: Development Through Innovation

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We are beginning our first 2012 with a great excitement and introduction to various new programs. We hope that you will take a look at them and signup.

India Development Circle: Evening with Author of Infinite Vision

On March 13, we are inaugurating our monthly “India Development Circle” series. Modeled after Wednesdays, we will start with an hour of silent meditation, then invite an inspiring guest speaker to share their insights on development in India, and end with some dinner. Our first guest speaker is Pavi Mehta, author of Infinite Vision which tells the remarkable story of how Dr. V revolutionized the eye-care industry. Please read more about event and RSVP here.

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New Program: Empower BOP Organization with Professional Skills

ICA is building collaborative open source platform aimed at inspiring, collaborating and empowering social sector through human centric design and their professional skills. ICA is looking to provide a best way to reduce poverty. By actively understanding challenges of social organizations like SEWA, there is a best chance to come up with a long lasting solutions. We aim to strategically understand deeper professional skills gaps within these organizations and creating a right solution with your deeper professional knowlege and engagement. This is a most important element of social leadership building. We have many excitiing roles from eLearning, information technology, women’s leadership program and sustainable energy. Please Join Here to Create Sustaining Value for Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA)

To qualify for travel and tax deductible program. Sign-up here qualify for a travel.

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Technology Volunteers: Open source initiative to empower BOP Organizations

We are building Innovative platform for developing world organizations for Information acquisition and member communication and connection. Many social organizations have members who are distributed across the rural, semi-urban and urban area. Communication with their members is very challenging due to variations in geographical accessibility, language, education and limited information access by different technology devices.  Our social enterprise open source platform is a one stop communication platform for social organizations (NGO, social enterprise and government). If you have a strong development experience and worked with PHP or similar platform with experience in CMS such as Drupal and ready to take your knowledge to cloud based application development to millions of developing world BOP members. If you are interested in joining our agile development team, please send us a note at or register here for your interest.

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Ekatva – Oneness: The Journey of 16 Slums Children from Manav Sadhana

Ekatva is an experiment to touch the lives and spirit of 16 underprivileged children from India, through the mediums of dance, music, performance and most importantly, love. Through this journey they hope to spread seeds of goodness and compassion throughout the world. After one year of training and development, the children will tour the show across India, the US, and the UK. The intention of the experiment is to nurture goodness, love and strength in the hearts of the children during this journey by focusing on day-to-day interactions, activities, prayer, meditation, education, nutrition, global exposure, and much more. Through the tour Ekatva hopes to spread ripples of love and oneness through the world. Indians For Collective Action is excited to co-sponsor their visit to Bay Area from May 21-29.

In the same spirit of Manav Sadhana and ServiceSpace, Ekatva events will be completely free. However, we strongly urge you to review website and help raise funds to make Ekatva program a grand success:

Please register here for other roles at and join us lead a collective development in India through innovation.

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