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    There are over 60 million visually impaired people in India. The visually impaired population in India is equal to the population of California & New York, combined. The total “Print Disabled” population is even larger. It includes people who cannot read printed material because of other physical, perceptual, developmental, or...
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    Visit to Hemalkasa – By Hans Desale

    Day 1: Travel and settling in   My sister and I reached our 5 AM flight on time thanks to the graciousness of my Uncle and Aunt.  We walked out to the pickup area, and realized we had no way to contact our driver to Hemalkasa because our cell phone...
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    Jaipur Foot Camp: Eyewitness Report

    Jaipur Foot Camp January 6, 2013 Rajkot, India Eyewitness Report by Bhupen Mehta for the Indians for Collective Action (ICA) donors Prepared on Feb 20, 2013   ICA has been co-sponsoring Jaipur Foot (JF) camp in Rajkot for last six years with local support and excellent help provided by Shri...
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    India Journal April 26-30

    I started and finished my cricket career this weekend. It all started when I played a game of street cricket with some kids down the street from my office. Apparently word got out that I was the next Sanchin Tandulkar (just kidding… I am terrible), because when my friends and...

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