1. unmesh

    Use your professional skills to alliviate poverty – First Knowledge Network for Indian Bottom Of Pyramid (BOP)

      ICA’s social entrepreneur group is leading an initiative to build a replicable and scalable framework that assists non-profits and Social Entrepreneurs like ‘ARMMAN’ and ‘Pallium India’ in creating effective and efficient organizational structures (i.e. funding, operations, leadership development, management, services delivery). Today’s leading NGOs and social enterprises focusing on...
  2. unmesh

    Welcome to ICA – Message to TiECON Attendees

    Indians for Collective Action (ICA) extends a warm welcome to TiECon 2011 attendees. ICA has been supporting social entrepreneurs for over four decades by mentoring and providing seed funding. Many ICA members, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s message, “You must be the change you wish to see,” returned to India to...

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