Jun 26
Our goal is to release free Android apps for use on low cost devices such as the Moto E phone being sold for Rs 7,000/- in India.Suresh Bazaj There are over 60 million visually impaired people in India. The visually impaired population in India is equal to the population of California & New York, combined. The total “Print Disabled” population is even larger. It includes people who cannot read printed material because of other physical,

Hemalkasa, Exemplary Rural Healthcare & Life Journey of Dr Amte

Mar 08
Day 1: Travel and settling in My sister and I reached our 5 AM flight on time thanks to the graciousness of my Uncle and Aunt. We walked out to the pickup area, and realized we had no way to contact our driver to Hemalkasa because our cell phone had no credit on it. Relieved to know our trip was off to an auspicious start, I started a search of the airport premises looking for

Jaipur Foot Camp: Eyewitness Report

Feb 23
Jaipur Foot Camp January 6, 2013 Rajkot, India Eyewitness Report by Bhupen Mehta for the Indians for Collective Action (ICA) donors Prepared on Feb 20, 2013   ICA has been co-sponsoring Jaipur Foot (JF) camp in Rajkot for last six years with local support and excellent help provided by Shri Naginbhai Jagada and the volunteers from the local chapter of Bharat Vikas Parishad (BVP). The January 6, 2013 camp was meticulously organized by the local

Youth Journey: Service to Baba Amte Health Camp in Hemalkasa

Feb 20
By Hans Desale I need to start with a little bit of structure before diving into our trip. I am a firm believer that every story deserves a background, in order to give the reader some sort of context when understanding the story. So I wanted to make this first blog post an introduction about where we were going, who I am, and a little bit about my pre-travel idiocracy. Lok Biradari Prakalp was founded

InSPIRE 2013 – Connect with India this Summer

Jan 30
Click to view this email in a browser InSPIRE 2013 Summer Youth Program … It’s on! InSPIRE 2013 Youth Summer Program | on behalf of Indians for Collective Action Dear Friends, What are some of the youth you know doing this summer? How about something meaningful in India? InSPIRE – Indian Summer Program Inspiring Reflective Exploration QUESTION your assumptions. EXPLORE your values. CONNECT to your roots. RELATE to humanity. LIVE what you believe. InSPIRE Yourself.

What we Eat vs. How we Cook it: A Report from the Field

Jun 02
Posted by Sailesh Rao on May 31, 2012 at 11:30pm From Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India: Climate Healers‘ mission is to facilitate reforestation around the world so that carbon cycle imbalances due to human activities can be reversed.  The ultimate objective is to draw down the Carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the atmosphere to levels conducive to the well-being of ecosystems and therefore, human beings, around the world. Reforestation is the primary means available to achieve this carbon draw

An Evening with Author of Carbon Dharma and Reflections from IDC friends

Apr 25
On April 24, we concluded a second monthly “India Development Circle” with our guest speaker is Dr. Sailesh Rao, author of Carbon Dharma will talk about the Nexus between Food, Energy and Development which tells the what kind of future we should shape. The circled explored the nexus between changing food habits, energy consumption and development in the context of India. Drawing upon the ancient Indian concept of “Dharma” or “Right Action,” it will explore

Quality Assurance and Project Log/Journal April 21 – 25

Apr 25
Quality Assurance: Product and Process We need to make sure that we have a good product, but also recognize that the product will have problems outside of the laboratory. Field conditions will provide constant stress on the product, so we need to develop a dynamic process to address those problems. This will be done in the form of a written manual and training for a few members. This allows for repairs to be done locally.

SEWA Hariyali Project Log/Journal: April 15-21

Apr 21
April 15 – 18 I’m not sure how four days have passed.  One was lost to United Airlines, who lost my luggage, my connecting flight, and my sanity.  One was lost to the Lansdowne Hotel, an illustrious tribute to white privilege and expensive breakfast.  One was lost to the time zones, the black holes of that fourth dimension. The fourth, however, is difficult to place.  Maybe it was spent in sleep, dreaming of the adventure