Annual Event 2010: ICA Presents Leading Social Innovators

Dr. Tapan Parikh, a prominent social enrepreneur and well-known expert in the field, who has been also teaching social innovation course at U C Berkeley, will lead the session.

Neil Patel from Stanford who co-founded with Dr. Tapan Parikh, a platform called “Avaaj Otalo” which has helps farmers to promote agri-operations by timely instruction through mobile phones. Real time information related to weather, bazaar trends like grain prices enable the farmers to take better decisions in timely manner. In its “Avaaj De” program, rural people call up for advice when informed experts answer their queries.

Dr. Brij Kothari, an IIT-K and IIM-A alumnus, started PlanetRead pioneering the use of Same Language Subtitling (SLS) to dramatically improve literacy. SLS creates a context in which reading skills are practiced, automatically and subconsciously by 100 million early or weak ‘literates’ (children and adults). The goal of the SLS is to impact over 300 million people in India, taking them from a state of early-reading, to functional and fluent reading ability.

Bhalchandar Vishwanathan, an IIT-B alumnus founded United Propserity to help indigenous entrepreneurs and increase social impact through an innovative online loan guarantee model. Based on UP’s guarantee support, the Indian NGO Ajiwika built a relationship and credit history with the local banking system. This expanded the circle of trust and since then seven other banks have approved a combined total of $3.1 million in loans to Ajiwika that can be disbursed to around 17,000 entrepreneurs.

Selvam Velmurugan started the new generation NGO ‘Kiirti‘ a Seattle-Bangalore based platform to enable effective governance by promoting awareness and citizen engagement in their problems. ’Kiirti’ surveys auto traffic in Bangalore, provides field reports on electoral malpractices and corruption, and helps people in conservation and delivery of water resources. Using this transparent open governance approach pioneered by Kirti, ultimately helps government do their job effectively and gain further confidence of the people.

See event details : Social Innovation Panel, Dr. Kiran Bedi and Dr. Rajiv Shah

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