ICA Golden Jubilee Celebrations

Vivekanand, a play by Shekhar Sen

August 11, 2018

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ICA kicks off its Golden Jubilee Celebration with a tribute to the great tradition and cultural heritage of India. We feature, Shekhar Sen as VIVEKANANDA, an inspiring musical play in Hindi. A mono act musical written, composed, sung and acted by the incomparable Shekhar Sen.

A Salute to the Non-Profits

October 20, 2018

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ICA celebrates 50 years of investment in social development with a Conference and Expo on the Social Sector to honor, inspire and empower all non-profits/social organizations/charities in India and the US.

The conference will be attended by some of the leading social entrepreneurs in India. Confirmed speakers to date include:

Anand Kumar
Suhani Jalota
Myna Mahila Fnd (Sanitary Care)
Dr. Pankaj Shah
Cancer Care
Dr. Bharat Bhagat
Health and Care Fnd (Med)
Dr. Anagha & Dr. Digant Amte
Lok Biradari Prakalp (Rural Welfare)
Dr. Shrey & Dr. Gayatri Desai
SEWA Rural (Tribal Healthcare)
Tejal Amin
Nav Prerna (Ed)
Dr. Girish Kulkarni
Snehalaya (Child Welfare)
Victoria Hale, PhD
Founder of OneWorld Health and Medicines360 (Med)
Dr Judy Frater
Founder Kala Vidyapeeth (Rural Health)
Aditi P. Kaur
Mountain Children’s Foundation (Child Welfare)
Laila Tyabji
Founder Dastakar (Handicraft Revival)

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