There are over 60 million visually impaired people in India? The visually impaired population in India is equal to the population of California & New York, combined. The total Print Disabled” population is even larger. It includes people who cannot read printed material because of other physical, perceptual, developmental, or learning disabilities.

Today, very few are fortunate enough to have financial resources for human readers and access to Braille publications to build a foundation for learning to use the language used by their family and friends (mother tongue). The fortunate few are then able to learn English and benefit from technological advances for the print disabled. There are success stories of people who have graduated from famous institutes such as the IITs and have gone on to work for employers such as IBM and Google despite being print disabled. However, today these are exceptions. We believe that millions more are capable of achieving these results with proper tools and training. The print disabled should have the same educational and employment opportunities as everyone else. With this dream in mind, Hear2Read was formed.

Hear2Read is a volunteer organization dedicated to developing open source Indian language Text To Speech (TTS) software for affordable Smart Phones and tablets. The foundation of these technologies is Text To Speech (TTS) software. It allows people to Read by listening. It works with various application specific readers such as screen readers (e.g. Android Talkback, iOS Voice Over) for reading e-mail, web sites and Book readers (such as GoRead). Book readers allow the listener to navigate to different parts of a book.

More details can be found at: www.Hear2Read.Org

Contact Suresh@Bazaj.Org for further information.