Collaborative open source platform to inspire, collaborate and empower social sector

Indians for Collective Action (ICA) is a San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit group. ICA believes in a secure life for every Indian, in a sustainable environment and a just society. Since our inception in 1968, we have nurtured social activists, spawned numerous initiatives including Asha for Education and Foundation for Excellence, and supported innovative community-led development projects in over 20 states of India and disbursing over $5.0 million (mostly in last decade). We partner with dedicated social workers and activists in India and the U.S.   ICA has been searching for a best way to engage social sector in India and create right impact in India.  They have a more than 4 decade of experience and connection with India’s development center.   However, as times have changed we would like to create an open source platform to engage right set of social partners (NGOs and Social Enterprises) and US professionals.


ICA aims to inspire professional who have spent decent time in corporate world or students specializing in social entrepreneurship, design or international development. Our main aim is to engage young, ideal, and professional in finding sustaining solutions for development sector.  Several US based professionals with a previous start up, energy institution, semiconductor industry and healthcare solutions went to India this winter to visit SEWA and other leading organizations.   And they found the answer – “The best way to use their knowledge would be to empower these leading organizations and help them succeed instead of creating any new models”.  Social sectors need lot of selfless givers who should use their professional skills to redesign their social operations to be competitive. Human centric design can play a very important role – case in example “Aravind Eye as a world’s best business case of compassion”.


ICA is building collaborative open source platform aimed at inspiring, collaborating and empowering social sector through human centric design and their professional skills.

ICA is looking to provide a best way to reduce poverty.  By actively getting engaged with social organizations like SEWA, there is a best chance to come up with sustaining (long lasting) solutions. We aim to strategically connect deeper professional skills gaps within these organizations by substituting professional support.  Though this work can be a bridge till “destination” organization develops own internal skill ladder, it is still a necessity.   We believe this is a most important element of social leadership building

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