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A Non-profit organization established in 1978, HelpAge India has been providing relief to the disadvantaged elderly in India. Through several focused interventions HelpAge India directly impacts the lives of over a million elderly in India, who today, face deprivations under three broad heads namely, economic, health and emotional.

HelpAge India amongst the biggest and oldest NGO’s in India, is known for its transparency and delivery, with the best CRISIL grading given to HelpAge India of VO 1A – the highest grading for the NGO/ Voluntary sector on a scale of 1A to 5C as

  • A reflection of our excellence in work and commitment
  • Speaks highly of our delivery capabilities, credibility, and financial discipline

Serving over a million elders of India’s 100 million elderly every donation received counts in reaching out to the needy. HelpAge India mobilizes resources to run a gamut of programs from street-side to bed-side to help elderly in 23 states and over 90 districts across India.

Some of our major programs and interventions are:


Free essential access to healthcare with over 1.32 million treatments to senior  citizens by 87 Mobile Medicare Units covering almost 1065 sites across 20 states of India — recognized as  Asia’s largest Mobile Medical program for the elderly.


RestorationEyeCamps-HelpingEldersseeon of vision through funding over 30,000 free Cataract Surgeries for needy elders each year — enabling them to work and earn a living once again and freeing them from  financial dependency.


SupportaGran-FoodfordestituteSupport a Gran program helping over 30,000 destitute elderly sustain themselves with food  rations and daily  essentials, as well as basic health care

Old Age Homes/ Day Care centers—support to over 60 homes across India to provide a roof  over the heads of homeless, needy, destitute, sick and abandoned elders or elders uprooted by  disasters and emergencies, assisting the elderly live with dignity.

Elder Help Line in 20 state capitals—Fighting elder abuse and neglect through our National Help Line is just a call away


Livelihood and Income Generation Programs empowering and enabling needy elders set up Self Help Groups  to avail micro-credit and start enterprises to earn a livelihood and regain  financial independence—3445 Elder Self-Help  Groups covering more than 45,000  elderly  men  and women across India empowering and enabling needy elders set up  Self Help Groups to avail micro-credit and start enterprises to earn a livelihood and regain  financial  independence – 3445 Elder Self-Help Groups covering more than 45,000  elderly  men and women across India.


Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation interventions in every major disaster from floods in Assam, Bihar, Odisha, UP,  tsunami in Tamil Nadu, to earthquakes in Gujarat and  J&K and the recent Uttarakhand  floods—as the elderly are  unable to  push for relief packages etc

Several other healthcare initiatives supported are:
  •  Physiotherapy/ age care 70 centers across India to addressAccesstoHealthCaress issues of arthritis  and other related diseases, supporting over 16,000 elders annually
  • Cancer and Palliative care to help over 10,000 end stage patients each year
  •  HIV/AIDS care, provision of Disability Aids, Alzheimer treatment etc
  • Advocacy & Social Protection for elder rights and entitlements at the National and Societal levels
  • Sensitization of Students through the School Program to inculcate a caring and compassionate culture towards elderly
  • Empowerment of Senior Citizens Associations and Elder Self Help Groups
Our website at details more about our work and various interventions for the cause and care of India’s disadvantaged elders



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The Elderly of Nepal Need You now!

If ever there was a time to give to those most in need, then this is the time. The people of Nepal, especially the elderly and infirm are fighting a grim battle after the devastating earthquake. There is an urgent need for water, food, shelter, medicine and longer-term support.
The hospitals are pushing their limits to the extreme to cater to the needs of the people. People are being treated on the streets because of dearth of clean hygienic places. Older people are more susceptible to the vagaries of nature as their movements are slower and they are unable to carry much load and possessions.
Now is the time for people like you to contribute personally and organize others to donate. HelpAge India in partnership with India Cares Foundation has mounted an initiative to mobilize funds to aid the earthquake affected in Nepal, particularly the aged and the infirm.


Right now, there’s an urgent need for funds so that local agencies known to HelpAge India and our HelpAge International network members, can arrange and supply locally whatever they assess to be most needed; and what steps can be taken in the longer term to rebuild shattered lives and assist the elderly, infirmed and their families.

So please donate generous amounts!


Mailing Address:
C-14, Qutab Institutional Area
New Delhi – 110 016, INDIA
Phone: +91 11 41688955-56