Cultural Program at Kulethi School-himwars

Cultural Program at Kulethi School

HIMWATS is a non-profit organization devoted to improving education quality amongst people with less resources in Uttarakhand. This organization accomplishes this goal by sponsoring key areas. Please visit for more information: HIMWATS.org

Present major programs are given below:
1) Scholarships: At present >65 Giribala and other scholarships (from class 3rd to Medical and Engineering students as per desire of the Donors) are given. Present range of scholarships is from Rs 500 to Rs 40,000 per student.

2) Adopt a School : From 2004, 21 teacher/volunteers in : 4 primary, 3 Middle schools and one Learning and Science Resource Center (LASRC) are educating 464 students. Additionally, 5 teachers are supported in Aghanpur Banasthali Balika Vidyalaya in Moradabad since 2012 with about 700 students.

3) Teacher’s Training: The 21 Volunteer teachers trained in interactive teaching methodology appropriate to each class. Some retired intellectuals ( About a dozen) have been induced to form a Knowledge Club.

4) Free Health Camps: There used to be health camps for school children for individual health examination, and age appropriate inoculations. Additionally we have undertaken the Cataract operation program in remote hills for old people. Over 1575 operations have been done under HIMWATS free of cost, under blindness eradication program of Govt of India.

5) Workshops: We have done an awakening in Science in Hills of Uttarakhand by arranging National Science Day around Feb 28 each year ,by holding a Workshop on a timely theme.

6) Improving and Integrating Quality Education: Devising and facilitating better learning environment and quality education in the Uttarakhand Hills and villages; starting Tablet Assisted Classroom teaching at all possible levels from primary to highest level.

Donations received by HIMWATS (through ICA), will be spent as per wishes of the donors for any program.