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About Our Vision

Indians for Collective Action (ICA) is a San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit group. ICA believes in a secure life for every Indian, in a sustainable environment and a just society. Since our inception in 1968, we have nurtured social activists, spawned many initiatives including Asha for Education and Foundation for Excellence, and supported innovative community-led development projects in over 20 states of India and disbursing over $8.0 million (mostly in last decade). We partner with dedicated social workers and activists in India and the U.S. We hope you will like our new programs and decide to join us here.

We align our programs to global goals UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) like Poverty, Health, Education, Water and Sanitation, Civic Awareness, and Women Empowerment.


End poverty in all its forms everywhere


Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages


Ensure inclusive & equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all


Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all


Promote peaceful and inclusive societies and access to justice for all

Last 50 Years
Global Aligning for Sustainable Work: Supported 300+
organizations and 10 million+ Indians in India

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10 % of our supported organization work actively to alleviate the poverty in India by various programs like vocational training, removing barriers affecting employment like disabilities etc.
10 % of our supported organizations are actively working to meet UN Sustainable Development Goal targets.
30 % of our supported organizations work to meet UN SDG goal of Quality Education for man, women, boys and girls of every race and abilities.
20 % of our supported organizations work to meet UN SDG goal of Water and Sanitation for man, women, boys and girls of every race and abilities. It goes hand in hand with education, health and gender equality.
20 % of our supported organizations work to meet UN SDG 17, goal to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.
10% of our supported organizations are miscellaneous like women empowerment, health support, technology etc.

Check Your SDG Goal & Target Below

Do you want to see which SDG Goal and target your initiative aligns with? Connect with us and our impact lead can help you navigate.

Our Project on their Mission

SEWA Rural

2000 surrounding villages;
24 full time doctors;125000 OPD patients treated yearly; 20000 Indoor patients treated yearly; 5400 deliveries yearly; 7500 operations are done yearly; 55% of OPD patients are treated free; 80% of Indoor patients are treated free

About Us

150 bed hospital serving 3000 villages. Various central government schemes like Chiranjivi, Balsakha, Rashtriya Swasthaya Bima Yojana Etc. meant for poor people help SEWA Rural achieving its objective of serving marginalized families.The expenditure of 2/3rd of the patients is borne by SR and only 25% expenditure is met by patients who can afford it.

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More than 30 successful campaigns.
Examples:1.6 lakh+ citizens campaigned against cutting trees; Flipkart to pull out of a net neutrality; Implement an important set of anti-racism measures; Advocate for equal rights for LGBTQ; BBMP issues penalty orders for open garbage burning;

About Us

Jhatkaa “झटका” is a new campaigning organisation committed to building grassroots citizen power across India in effective and innovative ways enabling people to act as the tipping point on an issue.

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Mountain Children's Fund

The project area include16 villages, 1,239 households with a total population of 7,319. Of these, 53.3% are male and 46.7% are female. Mostly schedule caste population which has always been underserved in Uttarakhand. Over 35% are BPL families.
Over 82% of the children do not have birth registration certificates!

About Us

Mountain Children's Foundation was formed by Aditi Kaur in 2003, to bring changes in lives of the communities living mountain state of Uttarakhand. Since inception, the organization's endeavor is to create a space and environment for sustainable development of communities in partnership with local organizations.

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Over 1,000 Volunteers

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