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We are excited to start India Development Circle, an inclusive circle with a source of spirit from ServiceSpace.  Though we will use the format used by ServiceSpace, idea is to invite a leading guest speakers every month to discuss some of the pressing issues with development and activism for millions of poor.  We hope this regular circle will give you an understanding of some of complex challenges and solutions in hope of fostering inspiration to give back to India’s so many voiceless people . Just to remind our first hour is meditation (please arrive in time if you can – if not please arrive peacefully and join the group), the second hour we will be hearing from our invited guests and last hour in dinner in silence and networking.  This session will be held in Fremont, CA.

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If you know of any social & motivational leader who has made significant contribution to India’s development and visiting bay area this year, please contact Unmesh Sheth (  Please describe brief contribution, website information, and date of bay area visit in the e-mail.

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