Infinite Vision Book Review: Aravind is like Kilimanjaro and Infinite Vision is like Himalaya touching my infinite imagination

Infinite Vision is more than a business case for compassion – it is window into how organizations can build vision, operation vision, and sustainable execution. Patritra and Suchitra – you have written an amazing book and hats off for giving another giant vision. Whether you come from management background, social sector, social entrepreneurship, ophthalmic, health sector or design thinker – this book gives best in each. Typically author has one strong side, but this like a Swiss army knife without compromising any crafting details.

What were my lessons from book?

Many of the reviewers have done attributed importance of “spirituality” in doing work such as this. This is certainly an important factor, there are many other equally critical factors for their success. When Dr. V inspired Thulsiraj from well-paid corporate management role in US, his inclusion into team brought a much needed operational vision. I believe this was a turning point which is so important to understand. There comes a time in many organizations where many selfless leaders continues to believe that all they need to is keep serving their constituency. Though those goals are noble, they rarely scale for sustaining organization. Through my working with many NGOs, I see this basic principle violated by majority of organizations. They fail to understand that right kind of operational management not only bring financial sustainable model but much needed design improvement in their physical operation(s).

Observing cataract operation room workflow increased my respect for human centered design. Telemedicine solutions and Aerolab’s IOL Lenses at 1/10 of price without compromising quality – and especially’s role (Berkeley) gave me fresh perspective on importance of bringing professional to solve some of the most difficult challenges faced by social sector. This single partnership is a best example of how selfless professional can be so critical in aiding solutions that can provide affordable vision to millions of poor. Going through LAICO’s influence, my respect for Aravind went through roof — here they are not just a factory of social and process innovation but they are just giving away their knowledge to so many organization throughout world without having to worry about competition – a key missing factor in any corporate sector..

My personal journey, connection to book and discovering key answers

For several years, I was pondering over the wisdom, value, and practical impact of my own involvement in technology and management to society, just to come up empty. Since then, I have also been wondering, what if we use the same skills to empower the economics of global poverty? Thus not fully convinced with the value of my personal impact on technology and management efforts, I decided to say good-bye to the corporate world.

This January, having finished reading this book, I was already counting days before my visits to Aravind Eye. Reading through Infinite Vision and later visiting Aravind Eye in person, and meeting many of the senior leaders described so well in the book, Shri. Thulasiraj, Dr. Nam, and Dr. Muthu in person felt like I was meeting my personal hero whom I admired so much. More importantly, my impression and respect for their vision, efforts and direction reached even at pinnacle. I got my answer; social sector needs many selfless givers who should use their professional skills to redesign their social operations to be competitive.

How is relevant to me?

More importantly – I am able directly use lessons to lead two important initiatives. 1) new collaborative open source platform to inspire, collaborate and empower social sector through human centered design and their professional skills. I hope this new platform becomes catalyst to repeat like contribution to social empowerment 2) Found my focus to empower another leading membership (1.4 million) based women’s organization – Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) by providing industry leading solutions through Information. Infinite Vision has given me a direction to use my knowledge in technology, management with a visible impact to millions of poor – totally missing factor in my corporate life.

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