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The Ektta is a volunteers driven non-profit organization striving to preserve and sustain our community by amplifying the social impact by improved capacity of mission driven organizations.

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Ektta’s Mission


Building Impact Framework forMission Driven Organizations

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In the social sector there is a growing need to collect and make better use of our data. We need more data both for informed decision making and capacity building, but many organizations are struggling to keep up logistically with a heavier load of data management. What’s more, different organizations use different methods for impact data collection from paper to highly sophisticated technology solutions.

Who Benefits from Data Insights?
Data provides insights on a broader level, granting us a glimpse into the full scope of our impact. Here are a few examples of organizations who require data aggregation:

  • Large & Medium Sized Foundations aggregating social impact for grantee programs and project impact.
  • Collective impact initiatives
  • Shared business initiatives
  • Funders in cross-sector aggregation such as Microfinance, Affordable Housing, Education
    Data & Social Impact gathering for CDFI funders, micro-lending data aggregation programs such as FIELD
  • Impact First – Impact Funds
  • Universities supported social enterprise accelerators
  • Non-profits and business interested in aggregating program impact on raising impact funds

The new age solution can complete the data collection cycle with clean, constant, and integrated data pipeline. Ektta engages with nonprofits like Indians for Collective Action, understands the programs and help build structure to effectively learn program and organization level outcome and short and longterm impact.

“My Funders are asking for impact report, where do i start?”


    Impact Report is not a one time excersize! We love to support committed non-profit who are at metrics readiness stage. The first step of doing this is understanding current mission, projects, data collection, and metrics.


    As we know “What gets measured, gets Managed.” We engage and understand the social sector organization programs in detail. We help them build data driven story by qualitative and quantitative metrics selections.


    Our team of experts identify core metrics based on theory of change steps.Next step is to review current data collection process and existing system. We will recommend you either improvement to the current system or help you with powerful data collection tools. Some of these tools do not require any IT engagement or expertise and often available free without engaging expensive resources.


    Our final mission is to help you communicate your impact effectively. We often call this step “Turning Data Into Proof”, requires understanding your social media and grant proposal techniques. In this phase we would like to learn your both processes. Results could be building cost effective dynamic storytelling using powerful and often cost-effective tools.

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Our Impact at a glanceCollective Impact & Local Collaboration.

Non-profit organizations that communicate strong data-driven performance through impact reporting enjoy a range of benefits, such as stronger, more enduring donation streams, more volunteers engagement, and amplified mission. Despite the potential benefits of effective impact reporting NGOs often see this form of reporting as a burden. Impact reporting is not to just meet funder’s expectations but to learn from it to make programs better. Impact reporting is not the end but it is a process.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), sustainability standards (ie.Environment-Sustainability Governance) and other impact investment standards have challenged both the public and private sector to amplify the outcomes of purpose-driven work. Part of this challenge involves aligning impact reporting & communicating the difference you have made to the impact categories outlined in these standards. With this global call to action across multiple impact categories, it has redefined the expectations of those who fund these programs and services. How to make all these mission-driven organizations “Missions Aligned” and manage their impact with real data? How to leverage the learnings to amplify the social impact?

Ektta engages with the non-profit to make them mission aligned and able to prove with the real data. We use many methodologies and standards to build the framework with organization and program structure, Theory of change, metrics selection and data strategy.

What is an Impact Management?

Impact Management is an organization's ability to define an
impact framework that is practical and enduring and translate insights
through effective communication on impact via your website, reports,
content generation, etc

How to Build an Impact Framework?


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