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Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) is the world’s largest organisation rehabilitating over 1.55 million disabled. BMVSS provides all its assistance, including artificial limbs, calipers and other aids and appliances totally free of charge.

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To ensure the physical, economic and social rehabilitation of the disabled, to enable them to regain their mobility and dignity and become self-respecting and productive members of society, ie, in short, restoring the glory of life.

VOICE OF UNHEARDHelp, not Charity

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The Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) was set up in 1975 in Jaipur to commemorate the 2500th year of nirvana of Bhagwan Mahaveer, the great Lord of Jainism who preached non-violence & equality of all beings and compassion to all. He was a contemporary of Lord Buddha.

BMVSS is a secular, non-religious, non-governmental, non-political, non-sectarian, non-regional and not for profit charitable organisation set up to help the physically challenged, particularly the financially weak and underprivileged.

Our philosophy
The Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) is an organisation with a difference. Built on a sensitive, humane and patient-first social philosophy and value system, the foremost concern of BMVSS is that the dignity and self-respect of patients must be maintained or enhanced at all costs.

Free assistance: BMVSS provides artificial limbs / calipers, physical aids and appliances, and assistance totally free of cost because most of its patients live below the poverty line; to ask them to pay would be inhumane and unethical. Rich patients generally give donations.
Help, not charity: While the assistance is given free, BMVSS emphasises that the services are not charity but help to brothers and sisters, so that the self-respect of patients is preserved.
Equality: BMVSS assistance is offered without discrimination on the grounds of gender, caste, creed, religion or geography.
Respect: Patients are treated humanely and with respect; personal attention is paid to them.
Empowerment: Patients are empowered by providing them with limbs, assistance, etc, which give them mobility and also restores their economic capabilities. Further, on a selective basis, BMVSS also provides vocational training to young amputees and assistance for self-employment. All these provide dignity as well.
Accessibility: BMVSS holds outreach programmes and rehabilitation camps to reach out to handicapped people living in remote areas. Besides this, any disabled from any part of India or elsewhere can access the services of BMVSS.

OUR IMPACTSustainable Collective Action With Strong Results

  • Below-knee prosthesis

    A functional below-knee prosthesis looks like a normal limb, allowing for the range of movement required for normal human locomotion. The total contact socket provides better sensory feedback to the wearer and prevents edema.

  • Above-knee prosthesis

    The above-knee prosthesis is indigenously designed and fabricated from locally manufactured high-quality, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes. The sockets used are of both ischial bearing and ischial containment types. The knee joints are available in a variety of designs.

  • The Stanford-Jaipur Knee

    The Stanford-Jaipur Knee is a new invention designed by the Stanford University, USA, working with the BMVSS team. The Stanford-Jaipur Knee has been hailed by Time magazine (issue of November 23, 2009) as one of the 50 Best Inventions of the World in the year 2009.

  • Calipers

    Calipers are devices that enable people with motor disabilities — including polio-afflicted patients — to walk and thereby remain mobile. While polio has been eradicated from India and as such there are no new polio cases detected, patients with polio continue to throng BMVSS to get calipers fitted.

  • Artificial hand

    Currently, the artificial hand has been undertaken from suppliers who make joints meeting the Indian Standards Institutions (ISI) mark. It is called the Jaipur Hand. BMVSS mainly fabricates the sockets.

Our Outreach


Patient-centric System


BMVSS has an open-door policy. A disabled person can visit its Jaipur centre (which receives the highest number of patients) at any time of the day or night, without an appointment. At other centres, beneficiaries can also walk in without prior appointment during the designated treatment times.


At its Jaipur and other centres, patients are first admitted and then registered. Outstation patients (along with their attendants) get immediate board and lodge facilities (free of cost) at Jaipur. For the patients, this small change is a great help.

On-spot services

The services are normally provided in one go in one-three days’ time, but in complicated cases, requiring more time, the patients can stay put at the centre at the expense of BMVSS till his / her need is met in accordance with medical advice.


Though limb / caliper fitments are customized services, BMVSS has, to a large extent, introduced the assembly line in many of its processes. This is to cover the largest number of patients in the shortest time. The technical management is undertaken by able and expert professionals.

Our Impact at a glanceGlobal Impact

As a humanitarian organisation, BMVSS knows no frontiers. The disabled all over the world are its concern. To date, it has held more than 50 on-the-spot artificial limb and caliper fitment camps in 26 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. As done within the country, BMVSS doctors and technicians travel with equipment to the camps held abroad. The fitment camps are supported and organised by local donors, local governments and others to provide on-the-spot limb fitment facility. Patients do not have to come twice as in the general healthcare system.

BMVSS has established associate centres in Pakistan and the Philippines and has set up a joint venture in Colombia, the Mahaveer K Mina Foundation. It has also helped set up independent prosthetic fitment centres in Asia, Africa and Latin America.


Our Impact

World's largest nonprofit organization serving the disabled. BMVSS's services have benefited over 1.3 million people with physical disabilities.

Scaling Up

Founded in Jaipur in 1975, BMVSS has 22 branches across India. From just 59 artificial limbs fitted in 1975, the organization has scaled up its operations to distribute about 60,000 aids and appliances to handicapped people annually.

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