Himalayan Action Research Center

Strengthening Women’s Cooperatives as a means of poverty reduction undertaken by Himalayan Action Research Center was funded by ICA in 2007. ICA’s financial support has been used to set up trainings and orientation impacting about 300 women farmers in Uttarkashi distt, Uttralkhand where agriculture is the main source of livelihood. These women lacked access to technical trainings, raw material, post harvesting techniques, knowledge about market and financial institutions. Apart from these problems, lack of a supportive environment for entrepreneurship development among women, ignorance about govt. regulatory framework relating to micro enterprise, highly competitive market etc. were some of the bottlenecks which hindered women’s economic development.

This project was initiated to ensure socio-economic and livelihood security among members of Rawain women cooperative and their families in that region, very essential to making them economically independent. It focused on capacity -building training, providing business development and market support to women farmers for agro business, access to market, develop product presentation skills, fruit processing technology, fruit and vegetable drying techniques.At the same time, the women were oriented about social issues which are directly and indirectly affecting their lives such as- violence, feticide, girls education, health etc.

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