Samaj Pragati Sahayog

SPS is a grassroots organization committed to evolving an alternate path of development under the principles of empowerment, equity and sustainability. Inspired by the philosophy of Baba Amte -nijabalthey work towards making the most neglected section of society independent. SPS today works with 100,000 people in 90 tribal enclaves in the Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh.

Watershed Development

SPS uses innovative watershed development strategies to provide drinking water and irrigation in dry lands. By creating barriers / catchments to slow down the velocity of water flow at every point, SPS has recharged the ground water and has replenished falling water tables. SPS’s watershed activities include regeneration and a forestation using local species, construction of contour trenches and bunds, percola tion ponds, underground dykes and open wells.


Agricultural Improvement

Created by DPE, Copyright IRIS 2005SPS integrates its watershed program with sustainable agriculture methods and equitable water distribution. They always use low-cost, improved varieties of drought resistant seeds, which need very little fertil izer. With the support of the local agricultural college they have disseminated six varieties of cotton, two of maize, three ofjowar and one oftuar. These seeds are multiplied in their seed production program for dissemination to hundreds of farmers in 18 villages.

SPS has also been in the forefront of income genera tion programs for tribal women, including quilting and needlework. SPS has established against great odds, a system of equal pay for equal work for women and men.