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This summer, ICA Ambassadors nation-wide will collectively contribute to a global movement against poverty and for equity, while strengthening their individual connections with India at the grass roots level. For over 40 years, ICA has donated millions of dollars in support of hundreds of projects in India with the aim of poverty, injustice and inequity alleviation. Now, in 2010, ICA will take their journey to another level by creating opportunities to bridge the gap between Indians in the US and development work happening at the grass root level in their country of heritage.

ICA’s Ambassador Program will allow development experts, software engineers, and everyone in between the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with a country that has grown exponentially in the past decade. While one aim of the program is to re-connect Indians and their families to their homeland, ICA’s Ambassadors will also serve to initiate conversations in the U.S. regarding innovative solutions and best practices in the context of social and economic equity.

This program is a part of ICA’s Engagement Campaign and serves as a call-to-action for passionate members of the India Diaspora to give thought, advocate for issues and volunteer their time to join the conversation about India’s progress. “We are inviting everyone to join us in engaging in our communities at home, and by doing so, in helping us build an informed bridge between the US and India,” says Bhupen Mehta, current president ICA. “Bold first steps are vital to advancing the common good for everyone. When people come together to talk about issues close to their hearts, and network with others who can help push visions forward, we start to see the change we need. It’s all about connecting your passion to make a difference with other people who want to do the same.”

We are completely rebuilding how we approach social empowerment. We would be very excited if join our team anywhere to support ICA’s internal projects and “Friends Of ICA”

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ICA Ambassador Hosts

Dear Prospective ICA Ambassador: We have over 400 partners, but these are few recent partners where we ICA Ambassadors have visited

Dear Partners: If you have a facility to host ICA Ambassador, please submit details such as provided under SEWA Rural section

Join unique ICA Youth Program with a partnership with InSPIRE ( starting summer 2008. 

ICA sponsored youth program is unique youth engagement program that brings youth age 18 to 24 and those who are interested in learning more about India’s different volunteer programs in the area of humanity. The end goal of this program is to eventually discover their roots and learn more about development in the context of India. ICA initially plans to focus in the areas such as eGovernments, health, school and community development, child development and woman empowerment. These programs will typically be 5-7 weeks based on capacity & arrangement with host organization. Our first program will be in conjunction with InSPIRE based on their predetermined application process with an exception to allow any youth (not just south Asian origin) as long as they meet InSPIRE’s self-development goals. 

InSPIRE, India Summer Program Inspiring Reflective Exploration, is a 5-week summer program in India for youth. InSPIRE’s mission is to inspire young South Asian-Americans (but not just limited) to connect to their culture and realize their potential for making a difference in this world. Youth volunteer will be working with different NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) all over North India. Last year, the InSPIRE group built a home for a family in the slums in Ahmedabad, built a compost toilet for an organization in the Himalayas, and created a PowerPoint presentation for the issues facing villagers in Mehdiganj. What makes InSPIRE unique is that it focuses on the self-development of EACH participant and will help me develop qualities such as personal responsibility, compassion, global consciousness and initiative-taking.

In order to join our first program, ICA youth must be willing to meet a group on a first day in India. In addition, youth would be responsible to collect full or partial financial assistance in order to participate in InSPIRE. The total fees for $1400 would be tax deductible for potential donors of volunteer. The fees includes all costs associated with food, lodging, activities and travel, but does not include airfare to India. ICA will make certain exception on case by case basis, if potential youth do not collect entire $1400. In certain cases ICA will make exception for air fare tax donations if donations are above $1400 plus air fare cost of individual.

You may also contact ICA Youth coordinator Unmesh Sheth, by calling (510) 226-8535 (Home) regarding ICA’s tax deductibility rules. For application process detail please contact co-founder of InSPIRE, Raj Kanani, by calling 510-862-8118.

Annaul Event 200 InSPIRE,theIndia Summer ProgramInspiring ReflectiveExploration aims at educating and engaging young generation of USA, mainly with South Asian roots, in community development and exposing them to Indian culture. With initial focus in health, environment, education, community development, women empowerment and e-Governance, InSPIRE is working with ICA to help young volunteers engage in social service work in India, and to build their own capacity to find creative and innovative ideas in fulfilling their life’s mission. Receiving the award on behalf of InSPIRE will beMr. Raj Kanani and Ms. Asha Patel.

See organization details here.. Read here

Location: Gujarat, Category: Remote, Health care, Service

Read here about program details and Foreign Student Guidelines

Two volunteers to visit during Summer 2011

 1. SEWA Rural – Exemplary of rural health delivery system, By Unmesh Sheth

 2. Sneha Thomas’s Journey to SEWA Rural

 3. Khushali Shah’s Journey to SEWA Rural

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Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Category: Education and Uplifting of slum children

Experience of Khushali Shah – Inspiring Journey 2009

Read a journey from Farheen Malik – Our first ICA Ambassador 2009

Read in inspiring journey and serila volunteer Surili Sheth – 2008, 2009, 2010

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Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Category: Education and Uplifting of slum children

Sameer’s Samvedana – An Inspiring journey of 12 year old ICA Ambassador

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Location: Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Bihar, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Kerala, Uttarakhand

Category: Women Empowerment

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Location: Calcutta

Category: Education and Uplifting of slum children

See organization details here.. Read here

Location: Global (see their website for locations)

Category: Water Management

See Picture Story and Experience of ICA Ambassador’s Story

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