Use your professional skills to alliviate poverty – First Knowledge Network for Indian Bottom Of Pyramid (BOP)


ICA’s social entrepreneur group is leading an initiative to build a replicable and scalable framework that assists non-profits and Social Entrepreneurs like ‘ARMMAN’ and ‘Pallium India’ in creating effective and efficient organizational structures (i.e. funding, operations, leadership development, management, services delivery).

Today’s leading NGOs and social enterprises focusing on Bottom Of Pyramid (BOP) challenges, such as the creation of sustainable energy programs with effective distribution (e.g. SEWA) and new services- and technology-based sustainable social enterprises for healthcare (Pallium and ARMMAN) .  All three organizations can benefit from the technology and management skills of experienced professionals from the U.S.

ICA is currently working in a very hands-on approach on few key initiatives  in partnership with SEWA, Pallium and ARMMAN. SEWA’s 1.3 million member base presents a unique opportunity whereby they can benefit from creating a ‘strategic program for a sustainable energy.’   This entails the technical evaluation of various key challenges faced by women who could use basic lifestyle improvements regarding, for example, the purchase or replacement of various products/technologies. i.e. smokeless chulas, solar lanterns, and replacing diesel with alternative technology for salt workers. ICA is currently working with SEWA in a hands-on manner to engage the ‘global knowledge network’ as well as by providing in-house consultation to evaluate products for their technical design and use..  ICA would like to launch very similar processes with other social enterprises/NGOs to help contribute to their overall success.

ICA invites U.S.-based professionals to give back to society by joining its unique network, as well as calls on young social entrepreneurs to join and collaborate with other like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs like themselves. If you are interested in joining such a network please email: Unmesh Sheth.


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