What We Do

1. ICA provides most leverage for development and change

  • Very low overhead so all your contributions are working
  • Early and seed stage funding, where it is most effective
  • Active mentoring and facilitation for maximum impact
  • Most needed areas are identified, geography and people

2. ICA nurtures and funds social entrepreneurs, here in US and in India

  • ICA activists here returned to transform India, SR Hiremath, Ravi Chopra, Sandeep Pandey, Srikanth Nadhamuni, Raju Rajagopal
  • New social entrepreneurs are being nurtured Bala Viswanath – United Properity, Kohl Gill – Labor Voices, Dr. Aparna Hegde – HERO, Dr. Jerina Kapoor – Pallium

3. ICA activists and supported organizations are making a real difference

Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, S. R. Hiremath, Sandeep Pandey, D R Mehta, Rejuvenate India, Communal harmony and anti-corruption movements

4. ICA works with you to realize your philanthropic vision

  • You work with ICA to define geography and cause, and ICA helps you along the way
  • ICA will work to define a new project or help an existing project
  • Foundation for Excellence and Meerut Blind School with Prabhu Goel, Unnati and Women’s Fellowship with Tom Kailath, Asha for Education with Sandeep Pandey and Deepak Gupta

5. ICA has the longest and best track record

  • Over 40 years of history
  • Major accomplishments and successes