Women’s Leadership Program

ICA’s Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) started in 2008 is an intensive training on relevant set of skills, designed to ignite women’s lives, to provide a spark to women to obtain better futures for themselves, their families, and communities.

The program aims to:

  • Enhance women’s leadership capacity and knowledge
  • Provide key tools of leading, organizing, advocacy, enrolment and mobilization of community
  • Provide tools to overcome personal, social and institutional barriers
  • Offer ways for her to advocate for herself & her organization more effectively
  • Offer post-training Coaching  & Mentoring

Our leadership programs help women who are leaders in their organizations and communities to step into a new level of their leadership – forever in order to become more confident and courageous. Women participating in the decision-making process – from the village to the country level – are found to be more concerned about issues from health, to education to communal harmony.


In the summer of 2012, ICA forged a unique partnership with Vijaya foundation in Kadapa, AP to set up leadership and awareness building training of women chosen from grass-root level NGOs operating in Andhra Pradesh. Vijaya foundation was founded and managed by Sandhya Puchalapall, recipient of the 2012 Leader of Impact Award of the Women Leaders Program at Santa Clara University and has a proven record of utilizing ICA funds for maximum impact.

The training sessions were offered in March 2013 to 60 women to coincide with Women’s International Day and focused on building a community of future women leaders from local NGOs and assist professionals and volunteers in social justice fields related to issues supported by ICA, including human rights, women’s rights, health, rural empowerment, education, livelihood, environment and others. It allowed for a form of capacity building that could have far-reaching effects in local communities empowering women and through them the communities around them. This was a week-long program provided to high-potential women leaders who seek to lead into the future within the organizations and elsewhere. Through a combination of speakers, workshops, simulations, reflection, art and theatre, discussions and peer-supported dialogues, participants examined what leadership means to them and develop their own philosophy and a way of leading.

With the success of this first project and an increased demand from other women, we intend to make this an annual program with partnerships with other NGOs to offer women the latest in leadership management.

Through these efforts ICA endeavors to support a core of educated and empowered women who are positioned to be part of the next generation of leaders. This program is supported by The Sarah Kailath Women’s Leadership Award and support from other generous friends.


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