An Evening with Author of Carbon Dharma and Reflections from IDC friends

On April 24, we concluded a second monthly “India Development Circle” with our guest speaker is Dr. Sailesh Rao, author of Carbon Dharma will talk about the Nexus between Food, Energy and Development which tells the what kind of future we should shape. The circled explored the nexus between changing food habits, energy consumption and development in the context of India. Drawing upon the ancient Indian concept of “Dharma” or “Right Action,” it will explore why a concerted attitudinal shift in affluent communities is essential to uplift the lives of the poor. While changing the world is about changing ourselves, effecting social change requires such concerted action.


Dr. P K Mehta

Dear Hetal and Unmesh

Most social gatherings do not leave any lasting impact on mind. Only once in a while we come across some one like Sailesh Rao who does not hesitate to take the listeners through all ups and downs of his adventurous journey in life. We build a closely knit community only when we have opportunities to learn from each others experiences rather than depending on our selfish pursuits. Thanks dear Unmesh and Hetal for offering your home and your generous hospitality to the community. I am deeply grateful to you for going out of the way to provide even transportation for enabling me to attend the wonderful talk given by Sailesh. Love and blessings

Kumar Mehta

Prakash Hegde

Dear Unmesh-bhai –

Thank you, Hetalji & the ICA family for your beautiful efforts with hosting amazing works of people like Dr Shailesh Rao, Pavi and all those others inspiring people lined up.

I was deeply moved by both these events, as a gift-forward, in whatever small way we can, I have vowed to step up our giving by starting our day with an act of giving, for instance will be giving a bag full of hand picked oranges from a neighborhood tree to as many strangers as possible today. Thank you all for igniting this intention within me. Love to see what emerges from these experiments & looking forward to sharing some stories that unfold from these.

Another ripple that emerged right in your home-space last night – I was having a deep conversation with the speaker last night (Dr Rao) & thanking him profusely for being who he is & his work through ClimateHealers et. In very short deep connection in just few mins, he accepted my kind invite to share his message (which I feel is absolute need of this critical time to accelerate the change from the patterns of excessive consumption) with our community (especially in our Community Garden groups of about 270+ families engaged in grass-roots change making). He was very happy to connect with this group, he suggested we can get his contacts from you, can you please share his telephone & email, so I can connect asap (since he requested to do so asap because of his upcoming move away from SF Bay to Pheonix and other schedules). Appreciate your help.

Will share reflections from last night’s talk in our blog (here you can see reflections from the community in response to the “Infinite Vision” & other such events) –

Thank you again. Please give our love & respect to Hetalji & family too.

Gratitude & Smiles 🙂

Rahul Brown

Dear Unmeshbhai & Hetal ben,

I was so joyful to see this intention of yours to host CF Wednesday-like gatherings in action. Thank you for creating that space, for the delicious food, and all the loving effort that went into making it come together. Was especially wonderful to see Suhani serve and be a part of the evening!

Not sure if you read, but there was a beautiful act of kindness that came together for Wednesdays in Santa Clara recently. I think you’ll like the video too:


[styled_image image=”” w=”400″ h=”300″ link=”” lightbox=”yes” alt=”Image Description” rel=””] Sailesh Rao is the Executive Director of the non-profit, Climate Healers. An Electrical Engineer by training with a Ph. D. from Stanford University in Stanford, CA, Sailesh switched careers and became deeply immersed in the various environmental crises facing humanity after some life changing events. He is the author of the 2011 book, “Carbon Dharma: The Occupation of Butterflies.”
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