Indians For Collective Action (ICA) Elects New Board for 2018-2020

Silicon Valley, CA – We are proud to announce that Indians For Collective Action (ICA) has a newly elected board with members from the Silicon Valley community of Indo-Americans.

Indians for Collective Action,  a San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit group founded  in 1968, is now celebrating its Golden Jubilee.

ICA strives for a secure life for every Indian in a sustainable environment and a just society. Its goal is to transform the world, with a focus on education, health & wellness, citizen awareness, women’s empowerment, environment, water, and sanitation. Since 1995, ICA has raised over $8.5 million, and has supported hundreds of projects and programs in India, made possible by 100% tax-deductible and generous contributions. ICA is also approved by major US Corporations for employee matching gifts.

The new board is headed by Ms. Reshma Nigam who took over from past co-Presidents, Mr. Abhay Bhushan and Mr. Bhupen Mehta, “I am honored and humbled to take on the role of President of such a prestigious organization and work with such a dedicated group of individuals,” said Ms. Nigam, the newly elected President. “This year is particularly significant as ICA enters its golden anniversary year.” The organization was started 50 years ago by a group of Indo-Americans including Dr. P.Kumar Mehta and Mr. Mahendra Mehta who have guided the organization at different times through the decades. The new board spans ICAs history and includes some of the committed individuals who have led ICA tirelessly in the past five decades as well as some enthusiastic new faces:

  • Kumar Mehta, Advisor Emeritus
  • Mahendra Mehta, Advisor Emeritus
  • Reshma Nigam, President
  • Abhay Bhushan, Vice President and Sponsorship Chair
  • Bhupen Mehta, Partnership Chair
  • Govind Desale, Projects Chair
  • Jayashree Desale, Treasurer
  • Smita Patel, Secretary
  • Kirit Shah, Golden Jubilee Chair
  • Suresh Bazaj, Website Chair
  • Mayuranki Almaula, Content Chair
  • Sharmila Kumar, Marketing Chair
  • Lata Patil, Womens Leadership Chair
  • Anju Sahay, NGO Community Chair

“In our glorious Indian tradition of “muk sevak” or silent service, ICA, has been providing help to the poor & disadvantaged for the last 50 years with no fanfare,” said the Advisor Emeritus, Mr. Mehta. “As a result, very little is known about our work. This year we decided to celebrate our Golden Jubilee, where we will talk to individuals and NGOs with a desire to do social service and to collaborate with us in this most self-actualizing human endeavor. Come, join with us and help make this a better universe.”

The new Board’s charter is to celebrate ICA’s golden anniversary with events scheduled throughout the year and to attract a younger group of volunteers who will lead ICA in the years ahead.  To learn more about this exemplary group of dedicated individuals, please visit

About ICA

Indians for Collective Action (ICA) is a San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit group. ICA believes in a secure life for every Indian in a sustainable environment and a just society. Since inception in 1968, the organization has nurtured social activists, spawned many initiatives, including Asha for Education and Foundation for Excellence (FFE), and supported innovative community-led development projects in over 20 states of India and disbursed over $8.5 million (mostly in the last decade). ICA partners with dedicated social workers and activists in India and the U.S. They welcome enthusiastic volunteers.

ICA will kickoff its golden jubilee celebrations with “Vivekanand” an inspiring mono act by the incomparable Shekhar Sen on August 11, 2018. For more information, visit

On October 20, 2018, ICA celebrates 50 years of investment in social development with a Conference and Expo on the Social Sector to honor, inspire and empower all non-profits/social organizations/charities in India and the US. The conference will be attended by some of the leading social entrepreneurs in India. For more information, go to

Media Contact:
Sharmila Kumar
Marketing Chair