Dr. Anagha Amte

Lok Bihari Prakalp

Dr Anagha Amte, is a big city girl who comes from an established family background. She was impressed by Baba Amte’s work with leprosy patients and other great causes which were later pursued by Dr Prakash and Dr Mandakini Amte. After graduating as a gynecologist from Goa medical college, Dr Anagha joined Amte’s Lok Biradari Prakalp (LBP) in 2003, to improve the health of tribal women in remote jungles of Hemalkasa, soon after marriage with Dr Digant Prakash Amte. At LBP, she increased antenatal checkups and introduced Cesarean sections for difficult deliveries. Her work with tribal women increased their confidence in Dr Anagha and resulted in a tenfold growth in the number of hospital deliveries. Dr Anagha also developed a neonatal ICU, which resulted in a sharp decline in infant mortality, especially babies of low birth weight.

She also took the initiative in training community health workers and starting community health centers in remote villages around Hemalkasa. These health centers provided tribal patients access to primary medical services which otherwise would not have been available. The progress of these patients was also monitored, providing continuity in their health care needs.

Dr Anagha started many other initiatives at Hemalkasa. One of her initiatives was a sanitary napkin manufacturing unit providing low cost but high quality hygienic sanitary pads for tribal girls. Being environmentally conscious, she designed the napkins to be plastic free. She received an award on World Menstrual Hygiene Day for this initiative.

Dr Anagha has dedicated herself to helping the poor tribal people who are affected by disparities in health and scarcity of resources. She has done this by providing primary medical care and educating them on personal hygiene.

Dr Anagha received the “Women With Drive” award from Times of India in March 2013.

In 2011, Dr Anagha and her husband, Dr. DIgant Amte, shared the Late Subhash Raoji Shah Memorial Award by Precision Camshafts India.