Dr. Girish Kulkarni


Girish is a trained journalist and professor with S.P Pune University. He is a pioneer for social change, a visionary and an inspirational leader. Girish holds a doctorate in Political Science and Public Management, as well as two masters in Politics and Sociology. He was bestowed the President of India Award 2012 for his service to his country in the field of Social Work.

The flagship project of Snehalaya is to rescue women from domestic and societal violence & exploitation, and to rehabilitate them. One of the projects at Snehalaya is Snehankhur Adoption Centre, that rescues abandoned infants and seeks safe adoptive families for them. Snehalaya operates a compassionate center for unwed mothers and consistently fights for the rights of the women and children under their care.

Snehalaya team has reduced the spread of sexually transmitted disease amongst sex workers from 60% to virtually non-existent and eradicated the prostitution of minors. They run a Clinic for HIV patients, especially children.