Hasina Kharbhih

Impulse NGO Network and Impulse Social Enterprises

"For 30 years now, I’ve been working to provide sustainable livelihood in a safe environment for women and children. What started out as a mission in my home state of Meghalaya, has today evolved into a global program that aims to put an end to human trafficking and exploitation worldwide,” says Hasina Kharbhih.

Hasina strongly believes that you cannot end human trafficking of women and children, unless women at the grassroots are skillfully empowered and economically self-sufficient. Which is why, her work stands on two pillars: Impulse NGO Network that raises awareness and fights the problem of human trafficking; and Impulse Social Enterprises, that helps create sustainable livelihood and eliminate one of the key triggers for human trafficking.

What started out as a mission in her home state of Meghalaya, has today evolved into the Impulse Model, which is a global program that’s being studied and replicated worldwide. Hasina conceptualized, planned, and implemented many programs over the past three decades, all of which brings her closer to realizing her vision, of a world without human trafficking and exploitation; a world where women and children live with happiness and dignity in a safe and nurturing environment.