Radha Basu

Anudip Foundation

Radha and her husband Dipak Basu launched Anudip Foundation, a social enterprise in India with the mission of generating livelihood opportunities for the unemployed and marginalized youth and young women through training in information technology.

In 2011, Radha founded iMerit, that delivers data services while creating positive social and economic change through IT training and employment. Radha serves on the boards of NetHope, Jhumki Basu Foundation, and Santa Clara’s Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship. She is the founder of the Frugal Innovation Lab.

Throughout her career, Radha has dedicated time to mentoring and inspiring women in engineering and technology. This dedication has been acknowledged by her receipt of several awards. Radha has over 30 years’ experience in executive management and is widely recognized as a leading woman technology entrepreneur and mentor, and as a pioneer in the Indian software business.