Radhika Shah

Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs

Radhika is passionate about women's rights, education, social justice, environment - since her childhood, growing up under the influence of Gandhi Ashram in India. She is advisor at the Sustainable Development Goals Philanthropy Platform SDGFunders.org. She co-founded the Ashoka SV chapter building a community deeply engaged with Ashoka Fellows (social entrepreneurs) focused on girls education, social justice, tech for social good, preventing violence against girls/women. She is on the SV Leadership Council for Action for India - scaling platform for social entrepreneurs. She is an advisor to CGNetSwara.org (a mobile citizen journalism solution for tribal Indians), Samasource.org (digital micro-work to marginalized communities).

She is Co-President of Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs - enabling angel investing, helping advance Entrepreneurship & Innovation to be service to the Stanford community and society. She was part of the early Broadvision team pioneering personalization. She has invested in deep tech startups in the IOT, location services and social networking.

She has been an advisor, mentor, judge at student Accelerators Startx (Stanford) & Skydeck Labs (Berkeley). She is a cofounder of the SV mentoring group RajeevCircle.org started in Stanford Prof's Rajeev Motwani's memory. She was Tech4Obama CoChair, judge USSBA Accelerator competition, 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit planning RoundTable, CoConvener for UN Solutions Summit.

Radhika holds a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford and an MBA from Berkeley.