Sonia Mehta

Macalester College, Minnesota

Sonia Mehta teaches Education and the Challenge of Globalization and Education and Social Change. Her research interests focus on international and global studentship and pedagogies of Education, Critical Social Cartography, Comparative and International Studies in Education and the Sociology of Education.

Sonia is developing and leading an initiative called "The World in the Classroom," in which her students at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota (USA) are preparing education kits and activities for children in remote rural communities in the Himalayas. These activities have been carefully designed keeping the context and environment of the mountain children. In the process, the students at Macalester College, who are communicating with the partner organization in India are getting a window into a world to which they otherwise would have no access.

Sonia has worked in a variety of educational environments, in higher education formal and as well as informal education systems. She has taught in India as well as the United States and is interested in the effect of global processes on educational change and meaningful reform in marginalized communities. She is also involved with connecting students across varied and diversified education spaces and in doing so, empowering students through education to become agents of positive and relevant social change.

Sonia is currently teaching a course called ‘Building Trust: education in global perspective’ which is also being constructed as an open education resource, digital textbook in partnership with Macalester’s Dewitt Wallace Library, through a Mellon grant for innovation in education.