Talat Hasan

Chair, India Community Center

Ms. Talat Hasan is one of the first technology women entrepreneurs and the first Indian American woman to found a high technology company in Silicon Valley in 1983. With her husband Kamil, Talat has established foundations in India and US to provide scholarships for students from under-privileged families at several major Indian Universities, as well as in High Schools and vocational schools in north India. In addition, the Foundation has set up Digital Equalizer (DE) Computer Centers in Indian schools. Talat is on the advisory boards of Roshni (an NGO that works to empower under-privileged girls in India (www.roshniacademy.org)

Talat is also actively involved in supporting the arts, education, and non-profits throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Ms. Hasan served 2 terms on the founding Board of the US India Science and Technology Endowment (established by the governments of both countries http://usistef.org/) to provide funding for joint R&D and entrepreneurial activities. Talat is the co-founder and Chair Emeritus of India Community Center (ICC, www.indiacc.org).