Letter from the President

Dear ICA Family,

Since March of this year, the ICA community has stood strong to support the fight against the Covid-19 crisis both in our community here in the US, as well as in India.

Indians for Collective Action stands for empowering a secure and healthy life for ALL in a sustainable environment and a just society through collective action.

We take this opportunity to show solidarity and support to the African-American community in our country, and kneel with them to fight racial discrimination, violence, and other forms of injustices in the country. As Martin Luther King said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” This is a call for each one of us to commit to taking some action.

Here are ways you can help stop racial discrimination and injustice.

Thank you, stay safe, and stay strong,
Reshma Nigam

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Dr. Anuradha Luther Maitra, Trustee and Former President, UCSC Foundation, talks about a June 1st demonstration in support of Black Lives Matter by South Asians in Palo Alto

"It was our only social act in the months since the COVID-era isolation began. The protest itself was modest and symbolic, but it was a spontaneous and emotional show of brown support for black lives. It helped release some of the visceral horror and anger that we had experienced as we had watched the video. Even so, I believed that such protests, local and national, could become an important tool to coalesce like-minded individuals and engage others to act.

And for there to be real lasting change, all communities (defined along different kinds of axes) need to act, with resolve and consistency, so that there is an All-American movement to exorcise the institutional racism that we have tolerated for too long. It is time and this is the time."

US-based nonprofits and COVID-19 efforts

A photo message to ICA from Mary’s Center, Washington DC

  1. Frontline Foods, San Francisco, CA
  2. Sacred Heart Community Services, San Jose, CA
  3. India Community Center, Milpitas, CA
  4. UCSF Heal at Navajo Nation, San Francisco, CA
  5. Mary’s Center, Washington DC
  6. Sukarma, Fremont, CA
  7. Narika, Fremont, CA
  8. Joy of Sharing Foundation (JSF), Norwalk, CA

Healthcare Professional Spotlight, Mental Health

Alzak Amlani, PhD, is a clinical psychologist practicing in the SF Bay Area for about 23 years. He specializes in navigating major life transitions due to relationship changes, death/loss, career transitions, issues in relationship- marriage, anxiety and depression. He uses an integrative approach to work with the whole person—mind, emotions, body and spirit.

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“Be an Agent of Change” Virtual Meetings

This online series, with more than 300 registered attendees, 4 speakers and 4 moderators, was a follow up to the annual ICA conference held in October 2019 which explored four complex issues that are important to ICA community - Health, Environment, Women and Girls, and Education.

Challenges Facing the Health Sector

Dr.Anagha Amte of the Lok Biradari Prakalp and moderator Kala Mehta, Epidemiologist at UCSF, focused on Health, addressing the aftershocks of the pandemic affecting essential services in India and locally. Dr. Amte provided her unique insights, from working with tribal people in a remote region of Maharashtra, to the everyday challenges due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Challenges Facing the Environment

Seema Paul, Managing Director of The Nature Conservancy Center, New Delhi and moderator Sudhanshu Jain, Chair at Acterra, addressed the impact of the pandemic on Environment and climate change, and steps to leaving a healthy planet for the future generations.

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The Pandemic through the Gender Lens

Padmashri Reema Nanavaty, CEO, SEWA, Ahmedabad, spoke of how the Corona virus is affecting Women and Girls, and about empowering women to benefit the entire community. Moderator Protima Pandey, Director, Santa Clara County Office of Women's Policy spoke of how the Office is responding to the surge in domestic violence in the county.

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Education - Responding to the Pandemic Disruption

Dr. Rukmini Banerji, CEO of Pratham, New Delhi, who worked closely with 2020 Economics Nobel laureates Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo described how Pratham is meeting the challenges of delivering it equitably to the hundreds of millions who live in poverty. The moderator was Usha Seka, Founder/CEO of Meemli, a nonprofit education technology company using the convenience of technology to improve equity in education.

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ICA's Initiatives

Women’s Leadership Program

In January 2020, Lata Patil along with Anjula Tyagi, Dr. Anagha Amte, Dr.P.Rekha, Dr. Kalindi Bhat conducted 2-day Mind, Body Wellness Workshops with 30 teen girls ages 14-17 and 35 women of ages18 to 25 years. The workshop in Bangalore and Mumbai, the two locations of VIDYA a long time ICA Partner NGO that has worked with underprivileged communities for over three decades.

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ICA Youth “LEAD” Program

The Youth Internship program under ICA’s umbrella is a new 3-week-long summer internship opportunity for High School and College students, which will debut in the summer of 2021. ICA has a wealth of relationships with non-profits, with who we partner on different projects. And through the LEAD program, we hope to help our youth experience life at an NGO, understanding what it means to start and work at one.

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Previous Issues

Previous Issues


2018-19 Executive Committee
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