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To lessen the burden of life on Congenital Birth Defect and Cerebral Palsy affected individuals and their families
A Conscious Social Decision On Part Of Medical Fraternity, Leading To Absolutely Free Services For The Less Fortunate.

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It was agony to see handicapped children dragging themselves on their buttocks or walking like quadruped animals, rather doggishly without any hope for better life. Few friends thought, “Can we make these children walk on their two legs?” The answer was “YES’ and this led to the birth of Polio Foundation in Ahmedabad in 1987. The idea took a concrete shape when Specialist doctors, Donors and Social Workers came together and Polio Foundation started pulsating in1987. The mission to give ‘A Ray of Hope’ by giving meaning to their lives has begun. Now Polio Foundation to be known as Health & Care Foundation. We are expanding in many different areas of health like Diabetes which has become a prime health issue in India.

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Doctors and Volunteers pursuing same level of thinking had a common thought. Can’t we make those kids walk who are suffering from polio and are unable to walk and give them a life full of honor and pride7
In context of this thought process, we started treatment through corrective surgeries for polio affected children formally in 1984-85 and gradually it came our practice on evenSunday. Initially, we were working in limited space for 7 gears. During that period few generous people gathered and Polio Foundation was established in 1987. In few years, looking at our transparency and good work, in 1992-93 Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation provided us a building for hospital as public – private partnership in Raipur area. Thus, by increasing our work sphere, we were able to grow from local level to national level and organize screening camps to provide operation and treatment to more kids.
Gradually the number of people suffering from polio started decreasing due to pro-active Dl o immunization program started by Government since 1996. We found that 30K of the kids attending the polio camps are suffering from Cerebral Palsy and basically there were no concerted effort to treat these children. Hence in year 2000, We started our first unit of Cerebral Palsy with modern equipment and experts working with social cause.
We diversified our activities, e.g. pediatric orthopedic surgeries and found satisfaction as
work increased. As the volume of work increased, our hospital in Raipur was not in a position to cope up; during this period, plot of land measuring 5500sq. yd. in Jivraj park area was allotted to us by Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority. Over there we constructed our 80,0D0 sq ft new modern hospital building and started many activities. Detailed Information on the activities are provided in this brochure.
We are lucky to have Doctors of International level working with us. Eminent persons do visit our hospital time to time which encourages us. Many times we are blessed by many spiritual saints.
Former President ofIndia, Late Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam has also paidavisit to ourorganization
After polio was diminishing, with the permission frDm Charity Commissioner we changed our name from Polio Foundation to Health and Care Foundation which is continuing with many activities.
We request you to have a look on the history of journey of Health and Care Foundation Hospital, visit our hospital and encourage us. You can also join our family bg donating your time, knowledge and money and being active and help us continue such a noble cause.

OUR IMPACTSustainable Collective Action With Strong Results

The CARINGHealth & Care Team.


Our Value Pillars


Preservations and maintenance of moral and ethical values while carrying out all activities is critical to us.


Educational workshops for Nutrition, DIABETES EDUCATION, Adolescents, Mother and Child etc.


All the services are provided for FREE for those who is in need.

Our Impact at a glanceCollective Impact & Local Collaboration.

Health & care Foundation has initiated Projects on renewable energy to save Environment.

Understanding the importance of Renewable Energy, Foundation took lead and identified Environment care as added objective and started engagement and investing in renewable energy efficiency activities and also involved in sustainable practices, through environmental initiatives.
For local transportation of staff for official work and helping the patients for commuting to the nearest Bus Station from the hospital, we have started using Electric 3-Wheeler and Electric 2-Wheelers.


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Women Wellness | Cataract Operation | Angiography & OCT for Diabetic retinopathy | Treatment for Cerebral Palsy |Dialysis |Operation Treatment for Disabled Patient |Diabetes checkup |Health Checkup Scheme | Corneal Grafting


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UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 (UNSDG): Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.
“The essence of global health equity is the idea that something so precious as health might be viewed as a right.”

Dr Paul Farmer

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