Inderjit Khurana

Mrs. Inderjit Khurana, the Founder and Director Ruchika Social Service Organization (RSSO), Orissa was also featured on “Meet the New Heroes” program of PBS for her work on “Train Platform Schools”. Mrs. Khurana was an Ashoka fellow and the recipient of the 2004 National Award for Child Welfare and the 2006 Henry Derozio Award, founded Ruchika Social Service Organization (RSSO) in 1985. Ruchika operates more than a hundred schools and two phone help lines, a shelter for homeless children, a water and sanitation program, and an AIDS awareness program. For many decades, Ruchika has been helping the poorest, most vulnerable children who live and work on station platforms, based in Orissa, and was recently a finalist for the prestigious 2007 World’s Children’s Prize. RSSO believes that every child has a right to education, and has dedicated itself to the ideal that “if a child cannot come to school, then the school must come to the child.” RSSO serves over 4,500 marginalized street and slum children in Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

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