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ExcellenceIn Tribal Rural Healthcare.

SEWA Rural is a voluntary development organization involved in health & development activities in rural tribal area of South Gujarat at Jhagadia since 1980. The activities were initiated by a group of young professionals having education & experience in India and abroad and based upon the ideals and ideas of Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi.

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SEWA Rural’s Mission

To reach out & assist the poorest of poor through various health & development programs based upon the community needs & available manpower.

VOICE OF UNHEARDExemplary Tribal Healthcare

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SEWA Rural has seen amazing success in its effort to serve the impoverished community of rural Gujarat. With over 145,000 patients treated annually, the hospital offers emergency services, special care for women and children and clinics for Tuberculosis, diabetes, and cataracts. In an environment with much demand and inadequate resources, the SEWA Rural team has built a program to empower the citizens of the village to provide front line medical care. Women from the village, also called ASHAs, are trained birth attendants that have the ability to reach the women in the village faster than a doctor would be able to. The outcome of the program was a decrease in women’s mortality and an overall improvement in neonatal health.
Sewa rural’s activities center not only around health but also in the overall well being of the society. One of the most noteworthy programs is the Sharda Mahila Vikas Society which focuses on the upliftment of women, allowing them to become financially independent. There is also a saving and credit program which offers financial advice and provides an avenue for women to take out loans without falling into a vicious cycle of debt. The SEWA Rural team noticed that many young girls were being harassed on the way to school whether they were walking or taking the bus, which discouraged girls from going to school and receiving an education. In response, the team created a self protection program where young girls are being taught to protect themselves from physical and psychological exploitation, which not only empowers these young girls to protect themselves, but also improves the literacy rate of the women in the village.

OUR IMPACTSustainable Collective Action With Strong Results

  • Community Health

    ImTeCHO is a project launched by Sewa Rural to measure and record the impact of preventive measures such as immunizations, infant mortality, and malnutrition. SEWA Rural holds hygiene, nutrition and vaccination camps to increase the quality of life of the community. Using new and innovative mobile phone technology provides timely and valuable care to pregnant women and newborn babies & children. Use of this technology helps them scale to reach out to 5,00,000+ people significantly reducing the infant and maternal mortality.

  • Sharda Mahila Vikas

    An organized movement to elevate women through a number of economic, developmental and self-empowerment activities. These women-centric programmes, originally started under the aegis of SEWARural have been functioning as an independent organisation since 2002 and are managed by a group of women.

  • Rural Technical Training

    The centre has been imparting year long systematic practical technical training to more than 200 partially educated youth from economically backward tribal and rural families and ensuring their employment in industries. Through this programme,these youth become employable and economically independent.

  • Eye Care

    Provides specialty eye care to a population of about 15 lakhs using ultramodern equipments and specialist doctors.

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Our Value Pillars


Preservations and maintenance of moral and ethical values while carrying out all activities is critical to us.


Educational workshops for Nutrition, Skilled Birth Attendant, Adolescents, Mother and Child etc.


85% of indoor and 50% of OPD patients were not charged for the given services


35 years of work to reach ~5000 deliveries conducted in a hospital from 0.

Our Impact at a glanceCollective Impact & Local Collaboration.

The performance of hospital is enhancing day by day. There is a sharp rise in a number of hospital deliveries which will cross 5000 mark in a short period of time. Along with this, special focus is given to Sickle cell patients by initiating a special clinic in a hospital where mobile phone application is being used for regular follow-up of these
patients. To improve the effectiveness of hospital and community health project, an emphasis was given for field operational research studies. As a result various technical research papers are being published in national and international journals.

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