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ExcellenceIn Sustainable Social Impact at Scale

The Indian School of Development Management (ISDM) is a pioneering institution established to develop the discipline of Development Management. The school aims to facilitate the creation of a cadre of professional leaders and managers for the development sector. These professional leaders and managers will make a significant difference to the impact, scale and sustainability of organizations working for the betterment of society and especially improving the quality of life of the underserved.

Professional LeadersFor the Development Sector.

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The Development Sector of any society has a pivotal role to play in its inclusive development and progress. With the rapid economic progress the world have seen in the last few decades, a lot more money (USD 40 Bn+) is flowing into the sector (Philanthropists, CSR, Retail Funding, Government etc.) into newer organization forms (Social/Corporate Philanthropic Foundations, CSR, Social Enterprises, Impact Funds etc.) thereby increasing not just the size but the complexity of this sector. For the sector to be able to deliver sustainable social impact at scale,
technical skillsets and funding needs to be complemented by good quality, ethical leadership talent – people who understand development and are able to build world class social organizations, design and deliver large scale
social interventions and create collaborative ecosystems. These specific needs are not met by the traditional models and institutions that offer management education, because these are primarily set up to cater to the needs of the corporate sector.
It is critical, therefore, to establish Development Management and Leadership as a career path that is aspirational for the younger generation and recognized as pivotal by the sector itself. This is only possible through institutions
that can set up a vibrant and catalytic ecosystem for the professional development of this talent (similar to what institutions like Harvard and Wharton did for Business Management). It is with this in mind that the Indian School
of Development Management (ISDM) has been set up in Delhi NCR, India by Development Management
Foundation. Its one-year intensive Post Graduate Program in development Leadership (PGP-DL) is a unique program that has been carefully designed in consultation with leading practitioners and academicians and in partnership with development sector organizations.


Established in January, 2016, ISDM has already enrolled its first batch of 60+ students and started making an
impact on multiple fronts:
 Enrolled the commitment and support of many leading organizations working in the sector
 Have some of the best minds across the world backing them (4000+ well-wishers) – Philanthropists,
Academicians, Researchers, Social and Corporate Leaders, Practitioners etc.
 Has the guidance of a stellar board of directors from the worlds of academia, development, and business.
 Achieved a ‘national’ character with its first batch of students – They come from over 19 states in India,
with an almost equal number of boys and girls. 80% students with work experience largely in the social space
 Raised funds from individual philanthropists for the proof of concept phase (3 batches of students) and are
now starting to raise funds for the big push to build a world class institution

The Team


Collective Wisdom & Collective Philanthropy

ISDM has been set up on principles of collective wisdom and collective philanthropy. We welcome you to come
forward and contribute either with your time or money or both towards building this world -changing institution.
Collective Wisdom
o Bringing together the real-world experience of both students and faculty and using this collective
knowledge to build interactive case studies and development models.
o Building collaborative partnerships with institutions in the development space around the world to
tap into the universal elements of this sector.
o Contributing by being a faculty at ISDM
o Contributing by being an Intern or Ambassador in your college/University
Collective Philanthropy
o Contributions towards building a Global Research Centre for Development Management
o Contributions towards building a ‘smart’ campus’
o Contributions to institute Scholarships for Students . we offer generous scholarships and will not
turn down any deserving student due to financial constraints. Currently, this cost is US$10k per

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