Women's Leadership Initiative

The projects that WLI has undertaken over the last decade have resulted in a profound impact. Our work with several community organizations has supported more than 400 women & girls in different regions in India. This influence will extend to impact others in our participant’s networks as they continue to build upon their training in their chosen fields and continue to work on their respective projects.

The impact of these programs extends to their families and communities, sowing seeds for a better future for women & girls. Each WLI training program participant, in turn, impacts dozens of people in their community. Thus, each woman/girl trained through WLI will have a positive effect on dozens of more people in her circle. The effects may vary from empowering micro-entrepreneurs, to educating girls to build their self-esteem to resist early marriages and reducing domestic violence. The impact is clear – empowered women & girls make a difference in their communities and organizations. 

The program has resulted in: 

  • Unprecedented improvement in performance;
  • Dramatic breakthroughs in critical strategies that require change;
  • Strategic alliances and relationships; and
  • Elevated autonomy & productivity.


  • 2007-2010 – Sponsored 7 women leaders from India to attend an advanced leadership training in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • 2012 – Provided leadership training for 60 women in Kadapa, a mid-size town in AP
  • 2015 – Provided professional training for 100 mid-level women managers in Hyderabad
  • 2019 – Conducted entrepreneurial training for 70 micro-entrepreneurs in Ahmedabad
  • 2019 – Sponsored a woman leader to attend advanced professional training in San Francisco
  • 2020- Conducted enrichment workshops for 70 teen girls and 60 young women in Bangalore and Mumbai

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