Women's Leadership Initiative

“Impact of moods topic was very interesting” – Ahmedabad

“What do you care about, what do we want out of life and base that plan to your vision and define goals activity was very intuitive and insightful” – Ahmedabad

“I did not imagine that I could ever contest in elections and become Panchayat President – I did it…  I am very grateful to ICA and Aarti Home for the leadership training .” – Jayasree  Badrachalam. A P

“The leadership training gave me so much confidence. I am aware of myself now and am thinking like a leader.” – Bhagya Lakshmi Madanapalli. AP

“The leadership training is amazing. I did not know I had so much strength in me. I can take any challenge in my life now.” Padmavati Sangareddy. Hyderabad

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