Youth “LEAD” Program

ICA Youth “LEAD” Program is a new Summer Program for Students.

The possibility of spending 2-3 weeks’ time at an NGO for mutual gains in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Action and Development for the students, is bound to be rewarding and most fulfilling. I encourage all those who can avail of this opportunity, to embark on this journey, which will open doors to life long happiness in doing good and engaging in the world community. 

– Padma Chari
ICA Youth “LEAD” Program Coordinator

The Youth “LEAD” (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Action, Development) program under ICA’s umbrella is a new program. The program will be a summer opportunity for2-3 Weeks for High School Students and College Undergraduate students.

It will provide a platform to participate at an NGO (Non Governmental Organization)  in India that is a Project partner of ICA, with a completely mapped out daily agenda. The students will have a total experience in terms of culture, interactions, environment and much more.

  • Please CLICK HERE for more details on the program.
  • The opportunity is amazing to get insights into how NGOs operate and to give back to community and the world throughout our lives.
  • Please visit our TESTIMONIALS tab for some personal thoughts and experiences.
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  • Please see the details on financing and expenses for this program at the COST tab.
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ICA has previously participated with “INSPIRE” in a summer youth program. Check out below to see some details of that program.

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