ICA Youth “LEAD” Program

Hemalkasa Visit FAQ:

What is Hemalkasa?

Where is Hemalkasa?

  • BY AIR: (Pune/Mumbai - Nagpur) Nearest Airport: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Airport, Nagpur
  • BY ROAD: Nagpur to Lok Biradari Prakalp, Hemalkasa – Total 330km

Why do you choose Hemalkasa?

Student Visit FAQ:
  1. Who is eligible?
  2. What do I get out of this visit?
  3. How many students do you take?
  4. How many chaperones? Who can be chaperones?
  5. Where can I find program details?
  6. How safe is it to travel to this place?
  7. Vaccinations?
  8. Special food restrictions?
Application FAQ:
  1. How Do I apply?
  2. What do I need to know before the trip?
Payment Information FAQ:
  1. How do I pay?
  2. Do I get a refund if I withdraw applications?
What you can learn from the program:
  1. Life experiences?
    • The program is aimed to provide the participants a view into culture, traditions and beliefs of a community on the other side of the world
    • The program introduces the participant to the daily life and daily challenges of some of us in the hope to broaden their perceptions
  1. Social service?
    • The program will introduce a culture of giving and sharing for a social cause
    • The ability to be in harmony with nature and the environment for a social purpose will be introduced.
  1. Solving problems?
    • Participants can see for themselves how simple common problems can be solved and can contribute to any solutions that might be better at addressing any needs.
    • Using time and opportunities will be a key aspect during the program
  1. Sharing learning?
    • Participants can share learning in areas of civic, science and technology that can better the lives of that local community.
    • Experiments, exercises, solving puzzles, quizzes can be a great way to share learnings
  1. Making international friends?
    • Get connected and stay connected
    • Maybe help and support your friend's cause