Youth Volunteering Opportunities

ICA’s Youth program is getting off to a start with the trip planned for in the summer of 2021. While some of you may be interested in and able to do that, at ICA Youth Initiative, we are introducing another opportunity for youth.

You can start getting involved right now, right here! How is that?

Please fill out this form and we will let you know when we have our first meeting on this topic. The meeting will be in early February.

The plan is that we will have a community of young volunteers who will run the program of fundraising and virtual volunteering opportunities for the needs of the NGOs in India that ICA works with. The first one will be for  LBP (Lok Biradari Prakalp), the NGO of our first summer trip.

ICA Youth program team members will guide you in organizing, marketing, and raising funds, and working on other opportunities throughout the year. This will help to develop leadership skills at various levels for the youth.

Please send in your forms to us by the 25th of January, so we can host our first meeting in early February to get started on these activities right away.

This is one more opportunity to be involved with the workings of NGOs. Don’t miss it!