ICA Youth “LEAD” Program

The NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) The NGOs that ICA will be working within the ICA youth ”LEAD” program will be the NGOs/partners of ICA, that ICA has worked with during ICA’s 50+ years of service to the Indian diaspora in a global setting.

ICA’s relationship with its NGOs positions it well to optimize the experience for both the attendees and the NGOs. Each year the program will be planned in one or more of the NGOs that ICA works with. For a full list of ICA supported NGOs, please see DONATE tab on ICAONLINE.ORG

For the year 2023, the NGOs selected are:

LBP ( Lok Biradri Prakalp)

The NGO selected is in Maharashtra.

Learn more about the organizations here:

Learn more about travel, location, and environment where the organization is here:

Our envisioned program is for approx. 2-3 weeks in total - from departure to arrival back in the US.

The ICA program coordinators in the youth program have met with and communicated with the organization to create a complete program with daily activities and opportunities for the students. The factors of experience, expectations, possibilities, number of students, location, and opportunities have been taken into account to come up with a possible schedule.

See the sample schedule here: Student trip Itinerary This is only a sample, and ICA reserves the right to change this based on the situation and needs while on the ground.