Leadership Message by Reshma Nigam

Today I’d like to address the concept of giving back. As people become comfortable with their work and home situation they feel a tremendous need to help others. In some people this desire is so strong that they are compelled to get involved and they go on to start charities, work with existing ones. Others find the whole idea overwhelming and are confused about how to start. I’d like to address the latter group.

Giving back to your community is an act of kindness that brings about a sense of pride and satisfaction. You can contribute to the community in different ways, including volunteering, donating, or simply helping others in need. Not only does giving back help those in need, but it also creates a positive impact on the community.

Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back to your community. Volunteer work involves donating your time and skills to help people or organizations. This could range from providing assistance at a homeless shelter, working with a local charity, or volunteering at a community center. By volunteering, you can positively impact the lives of those in need, while also showcasing a sense of responsibility towards your community.

Another way to give back to your community is by donating to charities or organizations. Donating money or materials to causes such as disaster relief, education, or healthcare can make a significant difference in people’s lives. Even small donations can accumulate to make a big impact. Moreover, donating can inspire others to do the same and create a sense of collective impact among individuals.

Moreover, giving back also includes helping others in your community. This could be helping an elderly neighbor with their groceries, offering assistance to a community member in need, or simply sharing knowledge and skills with others. Such acts of kindness can create a sense of unity and solidarity among people in the community.

In conclusion, giving back to your community is a noble act that creates a positive impact on the lives of others. Volunteering, donating, and helping others in need can all contribute towards building a cohesive and compassionate community. When individuals come together to help others, they can create a brighter future for the entire community.

If you are interested you can contact one of our ICA members to help and mentor you. Our website is www.icaonline.com. Several of our wonderful members started by filling in a form at our website and are now well into their giving journey. I hope you will all find your path into making giving a part of your lives.

Reshma Nigam
VP at Indians for Collective Action (ICA)

Spotlight: ICA Supported Organization

This picture was taken at Narigunjan during Mr. Prakash Agarwal's recent visit.

Nari Gunjan, founded by Sudha Varghese, is an organization that is focused on making a positive difference in the Musahar community. Musahars, which translates to “rat eaters,” make up the most marginalized community in Bihar.

Nari Gunjan has assisted thousands of Musahars by establishing the following many institutions to promote education and health in the community, including two full residential girls’ schools.

Additionally, Nari Gunjan has assisted over 5,000 Musahar women through the creation of self-help groups, promoting alternative livelihoods such as collective farming to reach financial independence.

Recently, ICA president Prakash Agarwal visited the organization and toured one of their all-girls schools. He found that overall, the students are taking their education seriously.

"There were 20 girls who took a high school exam, 5 of them passed with 1st division and other 15 with 2nd division. One of them scored 87.7%. A great accomplishment given their socio-economic status" Agarwal said. "They all said the school was very good. For them, this is a God-sent opportunity in their own community."

Although the Musahar community is supposed to receive help from the government, this isn't always the case.

"Most of the government aid doesn’t even reach them," said Agarwal. "It’s NGOs that are making a big difference in their lives."

If you would like to help Nari Gunjan continue to uplift and empower the people of the Musahar community, please contact Sudhaji Varghese using the following:

Mobile no. +91 94310 25201
Email: [email protected]


Indians for collective Actions( ICA) will feature Yoke Society in the next forum. It is an ICA supported NGO, an initiative of the natives of Kodaganallur village, Tamil Nadu, to improve the living standards of people with better education, employment, health and environment.

YOKE has been focusing on creating a proactive and vibrant community where each individual is educated, employed, healthy and happy. YOKE reaches out to about 1,000 persons in the community through its round-the-year activities.

This year ICA youth lead program will be visiting Yoke society with young students who will get to experience and learn sustainable projects and village life in the village.

Stay tuned to hear a lively discussion of Yoke projects and ICA lead youth programs in our upcoming Forum in June.

Youth News

Each year, ICA’s youth program gives students and youth the opportunity to work with NGOs in India . The NGOs that participants will be assisting with this year are Yoke and Lok Biradri Prakalp.

Nilay Jhaveri, one of the members of the youth program, says “I’m excited to be a part of ICA’s Youth Camp because it will be a great way for me to learn about and experience new places. I was also very inspired by the work being done to uplift the Madia-Gond tribe, and hope to contribute and help out as much as I can.”

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