ICA 2023 event was very well organized. The team brought NGO representatives from India who provided compelling stories about the youth upliftment initiatives that they are driving. I am sure most of the audience would have connected well with these narratives and would want to support their causes in the best way possible.

- Rajeev Ranjan, President, IIT Kanpur Foundation (Attendee)

Attending the ICA event on Sunday was a truly remarkable experience. Hearing from NGOs working tirelessly to improve the lives of the underprivileged and impoverished was heartwarming and inspiring. The stories shared by the founders were truly touching, showcasing how they found their true calling in various situations and how they persisted despite the challenges that came their way. Their determination and unwavering commitment to their beliefs were a powerful reminder of the difference one person can make.

- Divya .Y, Senior VP, Syneos Health (Attendee)

ICA’s annual meet 2023 was a huge success, with some amazing speakers, delectable food and inviting ambiance. This year’s honorees, Mamoon, Gita and Madan are doing some extraordinary work and were deeply moved by listening to their life journeys. Theron’s magic tricks were mind-boggling. Thanks to the whole ICA team for giving me an opportunity to volunteer and be a part of this exemplary organization.

- Shloke Hajela, Senior Manager, Apple (volunteer)

ICA’s event showed me how important it is to give direct support to people in need, especially when others have abdicated that responsibility. Being able to hear personal stories from the leaders of NGO’s forced me to reflect on how I want to enact change with my own privilege.

- Ishan Maunder (Research Analyst, Gartner, Attendee)

This was the first time I attended an Indian for Collective Action event. I was touched by the stories told by the advocates of youth empowerment in India. I was also impressed by the overall collective effort to ensure a better future for the youth in need in India. I admired the work of the volunteers, especially the young ones. The whole atmosphere left me with a desire to help. The location was also great and the food was amazing!

- Grazia Busa (professor, Padua University, Attendee)

The event was very engaging and well organized. I particularly enjoyed hearing from the students involved in the youth program. It was really inspiring to hear the impact that the experience had on them.

- Yashvi Rawat (Attendee)

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