On August 6, Indians for Collective Action (ICA) held their annual gala event. The night featured presentations and speeches from the event’s honorees, who shared about their experiences and recent projects. This year’s theme was “Empower Youth, Transform Lives.” Attendees had the opportunity to gain new knowledge and perspectives from the speakers, as well as witness fun entertainment. Overall, the event was a tremendous success, with over 250 guests and about $100,000 raised.

In alignment with the theme, members of this year’s Youth LEAD Program talked about their trip to India this summer to work with an NGO. The teens described how enlightening the experience was and the lifelong lessons they gained.

"Their insights and inspiration from these experiences will serve young participants and their peers in doing good for our local and world communities as they grow up." says Padma Chari, chair of the youth program. "The LEAD team, with deep knowledge of the NGOs, is able to ensure these trips are truly meaningful." Please visit icaonline.org/youth to learn more about the program.

Attendees were also able to hear from Gita and Madan Gopal, the founders of A Future for Every Child. The organization mentors youth who have aged out of government care in order to help them prepare for adulthood.

"Madan and I have been steadfast supporters of ICA and have always held great admiration for the organizations they fund." Gita Gopal says. "We're grateful for the honor bestowed upon us by this esteemed organization, offering a platform to shed light on the struggles faced by youth aging out of care homes into an uncertain future."

The event also honored Mamoon Akhtar, who founded Samaritan Help Mission to empower and educate the underprivileged individuals in the Tikiapara slums of Kolkata. Akhtar gave an emotional and moving speech about his story and passion for helping others, which left many audience members inspired.

Many guests expressed how touching and inspiring the event was. Divya Yerrenguntla, one of the guests, "Attending the ICA event on Sunday was a truly remarkable experience. Hearing from NGOs working tirelessly to improve the lives of the underprivileged and impoverished was heartwarming and inspiring. The stories shared by the founders were truly touching, showcasing how they found their true calling in various situations and how they persisted despite the challenges that came their way."

We thank you for your participation and contributions that have impacted thousands of lives. We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to you for being part of the ICA family and look forward to helping us make a difference. Please reach out to us if you would like to volunteer with ICA. Stay tuned on the ICA website for the pictures and videos that will capture the magical evening celebrations of ICA annual event 2023!

Yashvi Rawat and Namita Maunder
ICA Marketing Team

ICA Forum

Our next Forum will feature an Interview with Dr. Pramath Raj Sinha , a pioneering force in Indian higher education. He is known as an entrepreneur, institution-builder, academic, executive, and philanthropist. Here is a link to his brief conversation with Namita Maunder, when he was visiting the bay area in April, 2023. ICA will host a forum with Dr. Sinha in September, that will give an opportunity to our audience to interact and ask questions. Stay tuned for the details on the upcoming Forum.

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