2020 ICA Annual Event


Mayuranki Alamaula and Padma Chari, co-chairs of the annual event welcome the attendees to the 52nd annual conference.
Abhay Bhushan, VP and Sponsorship Chair and an ICA veteran engages the audience with his passionate call for fundraising and explains the numerous ways to give to ICA.
Prakash Agarwal explains to the attendees on why he contributes to ICA and his project at ABSSS.
NGO Leaders and ICA President

Nilima Mishra (BNGVN, Maharashtra), Suresh Bazaj (Hear2Read), and Jayashree Saha (Sunderbans) explain how ICA has helped their projects.
Reshma Nigam welcomes the attendees to the annual event and explains what ICA has done in the past year and ICA’s future.
Govind (Yuva Vikas), Aditi Kaur (MCF) and Dr. Shrey Desai (Sewa Rural) speak on their projects.
ICA Event Honorees

2020 ICA honorees, Drs. Bang speak on tribal health in India.
2020 ICA honoree, Raj Jayadev speaks on community organization and giving voice to people facing charges.
Prakash Agarwal speaks on ICA's future projects.
ICA Initiatives & Closing Remarks

Change Agent Initiative - Donors Eliane Neukermans, Tia Mehta, and Kala Mehta explain what make them donate to ICA.
Women and Youth Initiatives - Lata Patil, ICA veteran gives a glimpse into the world of Women’s Leadership Initiative. Padma Chari explains ICA’s new program for Youth starting next year.
Closing Remarks - Event chair, Padma Chari lists US organizations that ICA initiated. India projects such as Vilkalp Sansthan, Maher, and Rainbow Homes provide input on how ICA has helped their projects.