ICA Forum’s 2nd Webinar: ICA-Supported NGOs Speak

Friday, April 17, 2020

We had 9 selected leaders from ICA – supported Indian NGOs speak on behalf of their organization and the work they are doing to fight COVID-19 in India. The goal of the webinar was to connect the NGOs, generate ideas, inspire and motivate people. We had an overwhelming response of attendees including ICA partners.

The following 9 leaders spoke about their efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic in India.

  • Adhik Kadam, Borderless World Foundation
  • Aditi Kaur, Mountain Children Foundation
  • Anagha Amte, Lok Biradari Prakalp
  • Anshu Gupta, Goonj
  • Aruna Subramaniam, Bhoomika
  • Kirit Joshi, Janvikas
  • Madhu Madam, HelpAGE India
  • Nileema Mishra, BNVGN
  • Praful Goswami, Arpan Foundation

Anshu Gupta: "Basically, we need awareness. Unlike previous disasters, this is still unfolding. Unlike previous disasters, the scale of this disaster is multiple fold--almost 100x. The migrant workers are not moving to the cities, they are moving to the villages. Much more than the virus, joblessness, rehabilitation will take a long time.

COVID-19 has brought all of us are to our knees, from Presidents to the common man, so we must remove words such as donor beneficiaries. Let us work together as one."

Madhu Madhan: "This is a long drawn out battle. All hands on the deck. The need is vast so help people in your community. The containment will take a long time and the money needs to reach the grassroots level."

Here is the recording of the 2nd Webinar:

Nileema Mishra, (BNVGN): "People like us get courage to continue this work when we hear from ICA and other speakers sharing their experiences. It was good to participate and learn from what so many others are doing and the difference they are making as we all join together in these unprecedented times It was also good to put a face on so many names that I had just heard of so far & e- meet you all."

Adhik Kadam: "The local Kashmiris go away in winter and return in summer so the spread of COVID-19 has increased. There are 35 lakhs people and we have 2 ventilators. Ultimately, we have to work with the government."