ICA Forum: COVID Trajectory in India and How You Can Help

Sunday, June 07, 2021

A very informative conversation with two humble professionals, Dr. Nagendra Prasad (Consul General of India) and Dr. S.V. Mahadevan (Professor of Emergency Medicine, Stanford University).  The session was expertly moderated by Dr. Priyanjali Datta (Founder of Aarogya).

“You cannot avoid the next wave, but we can take measures to lessen the devastation,” said Dr. Mahadevan.

SFO Consul General advised not to be complacent, ‘The government has fully understood the situation and has geared up with the vaccine production.”

What is the prevalence of vaccine hesitancy in India? Dr. Priyanjali Datta is addressing this issue at the grassroots by sending SMS message to the rural folks and educating awareness through ASHA workers.